The Pedophile Pope and his failing public relations project could be hampered by the Pinocchio syndrome

While the  Rat’s nose grows the Church’s public relations engine failed to dupe the public into falling for the whining Vatican’s, representative of god on earth” claiming similarities with the  six million Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust. Not only is Ratzinger known as the Nazi Pope because of his Hitler Youth internship , Jewish leaders are well aware of the Catholic Church’s collaboration with the Nazi death machine and their Holocaust Museum  has documents and photos to prove this. The Church’s apologies for this Nazi collaboration are seen as not only insincere but just another in an unbroken line of cover-ups. Now this failed public relations ploy was not only  stupid but both insensitive and uncaring, it was  also probably expected after the Church’s deception for decades regardingt its unwritten policy to lie about  the organized sexual exploitation of children.  One of the topics not discussed in investigating the RAT’S culpability is in regards to his approving a legion of pedophile fixers.  The documentary, Sex Crimes and the Vatican  interviews  Patrick Wall, a former Benedictine monk who became the Vatican approved enforcer of crimen sollicitationis in his Minnesota diocese.

The Vatican approved a legion of Enforcers of Crimen Sollicitationis.                                                                                                                                                 When a priest was accused of sexual abuse, the abuser was slipped quietly away, and an appointed enforcer of Crimen Sollicitationis was moved in. That is really the ultimate definition of success for the church, when it comes to a case of sexual abuse of a minor, that no one ever finds out about it, that it gets shut down, that it’s kept quiet. If a pay off is needed, or if some kind of a settlement is needed, it’s done. There is no policy to help the victims, there is absolutely no policy to help those who are trying to help the victims, and there is an unwritten policy to lie about the existence of the problem. Then, as far as the perpetrators, the priests, when they’re discovered, the systemic response has been not to investigate and prosecute, but to move them. To move them from one place to another in a secret way, and not reveal why they’re being moved. There is total disregard for the victims, total disregard for the fact that you are going have a whole new crop of victims in the next place -sending priests, who they know have abused children in the past, to new parishes and new communities, and more abuse happens. This is all over the world, the same pattern and practice exists no matter what country you go to.

The  Catholic Church is guilty of engaging in a clear crime against humanity: the organized sexual exploitation of children. Murder, torture and child rape are not new to the Roman Catholic church, nor will these obscenities stop, since the church is above the law and accountable only to itself. And yet, for all its worldly power, the Vatican is tottering under the impact of  the recent media coverage not only of the proof of Vatican complicity but obvious failing attemps to lie and avoid accountability.


6 responses to “The Pedophile Pope and his failing public relations project could be hampered by the Pinocchio syndrome

  1. The church is not above God’s law!!!!

  2. Another stupid platitude! Sure the church is above god’s law. duhh…if not why has god, in the first place, sacrificed thousands and thousands of innocent babies and children to be destroyed – to be repeately analy-raped in order to sexually service the churc’s representatives?
    Secondly why has god allowed his representative on earth to set in place policy that allowed/allows thousands and thousands of innocent babies and chilren to be analy- raped repeately over decades by its reprentatives?
    So then you must be saying that since the abuse and cover-up continued for decades it was/is all god’s will?
    Why are you mouthing inactive and supportive platitudes which do nothing to STOP this deception?
    Why have the cover-ups continued?
    Why have and why do the vast majority of the Church’s army of cowardly, subservient complicit priests/ bishops/ cardinals remain silent and by this silence support genocidal policies targeting innocent children?
    Why does the Vatican resort to using Public Relations firms to discredit the victims and shield the pope from accountability?

  3. My reply is based upon my faith. What I truly believe. I believe without question there will be a final judgement. Those who think the church is above God and try to abuse it I feel sorry for them. Because there is coming a time when they will have to pay the price for what they actually are. Then there will be no doubts, there is nothing above God!

  4. Innocent children illegally targeted in what has been defined as genocidal policies within your field of work by your peers and you fantasize about some final judgement and about how god will sort it all out. Pathetic.

  5. A great summary of the Church’s policy, one of the best I’ve read. Absolutely 100% consistent with my personal experience.

    You may enjoy reading the letter I sent to the Pope recently about my abuse.


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