Journalists Briefly Detained By Troops In Honduras

 Journalists Briefly Detained By Troops In Honduras 30 Jun 2009 Honduran troops detained seven international journalists covering the aftermath of a military coup Monday, freeing them unhurt a short time later. The government also took at least two television stations off the air and interrupted the broadcasts of others. At least 10 soldiers, most with rifles drawn, arrived at the hotel where journalists from The Associated Press and the Venezuela-based television network Telesur were staying and unplugged their editing equipment in an apparent attempt to stop their coverage of protests in support of deposed President Manuel Zelaya. One of the Telesur journalists was speaking on a telephone at the time of the detention, and AP’s Nicolas Garcia saw a soldier lightly slapping her hand so she would hang up. [See, in a *rightwing* coup, US media wh*res add words such as ‘lightly’ to describe physical force and ‘briefly’ to detainment. If this was *Iran,* we’d hear that the journalists were imprisoned for six centuries and the AP journalist had her skull bashed in rather than her hand getting ‘lightly slapped.’ BTW, where are the insipid little green Tweets about this coup and the wall-to-wall Faux News coverage of same? –LRP]


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