Classwar in America, the Ongoing Assault – From the Gilded Age to Tea Bagger Rage, a Romp through the Recent Episodes of the Class War in America

[…] We’re outsiders. The majority of Americans are outsiders looking in on the American dream, albeit a very shallow dream of owning things. They own. We owe. But we are a majority oppressed by our own shame nonetheless.

And as 32.55 million of us receive food stamps, and another 16 million of us are eligible for them, more than 25% of us earn poverty wages and more than 600,000 of us lose our jobs every month, the Obama Administration is leading the charge to push down the living standards of American workers, enforcing the strategy of the plutocracy by way of wage-cutting by Big Business. The Obama Administration has legitimized this with its demands on Chrysler and GM, where new-hires’ wages have been slashed by 50% and cost-of-living raises totally burned, obliterated.

In addition, wages have been lowered for Microsoft contractors, much of the newspaper industry and in many state and local governments. Honda, H-P, Best Buy and Fed Ex have announced wage cuts. Wages for temp workers are falling. Nineteen percent of American workers aged 29 or younger are unemployed. Incomes fell for the third consecutive month in March. Job losses and wage cuts have left American workers to balance on the knife edge of poverty, hunger and homelessness.

The Obama Administration’s enforcement of wage-cutting at Chrysler and GM echoes, exactly, the actions of Obama’s political idol, Ronald Reagan, whose destruction of PATCO was the opening shot for the government-sanctioned tsunami of union-busting and strike-breaking still in force, the leading edge of which is the effort to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act.

Our president has told us Americans should “consume less and save more”. His policies are forcing the majority of American workers to consume less and allowing the plutocracy to save more, stuffing it into those silk-lined pockets. “American” corporations are demanding unconscionable wage cuts while threatening workers with the outsourcing card and relying on co-opted union officials to sell out the rank and file.

And if we get hungry enough, or we start hurting enough to do some REAL protesting, here is where history kicks in. In the space of a few short years we lost JFK, RFK and MLK. Several students were killed at Kent and Jackson State. We backed off and didn’t look back at the history of the Class War in America, which is, after all, a “classless” society. We allowed the brutality with which the labor movement in America was always put down to remain buried.

Americans have learned that every time we rise up, we are viciously whipped back down, leading to an obedient, peasant mentality. We “know better” than to get uppity. We’ve become victims of Maggie Thatcher’s notorious TINA dictum, “there is no alternative.” We allow our children to be mis-educated, as we were, to pledge allegiance and abject obedience to nationalism, xenophobia and consumerism, to accept their place in the pecking order. We just knuckle under and get down to work. (If we’re still allowed to have a job.)

And we still have the nerve to pretend “it” can’t happen here. Benito Mussolini defined “it” best – “FASCISM should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”. But perhaps, since we’re mis-educated and TV-engineered to be less smart than artichokes, we’re able to ignore all the evidence we see around us, refusing to see what our own “lying” eyes are telling us. Maybe we’re just afraid. Not without good reason. But maybe we’re just not hungry enough. Yet. But in the event we finally get fed up with being economically waterboarded, when we’re sick of suffering real, not simulated, drowning as the value of our homes goes underwater, well the plutocracy is prepared for than eventuality. Their minions, the Obama Administration and the U.S. Congress stand ready to put us down again, if need be, just like President Herbert Hoover sent Generals Patton and MacArthur, the 12th Infantry, the 3rd Cavalry and six tanks to charge into the Bonus Army with fixed bayonets and adamsite gas during the Depression.

Our own Dear Leaders have already brought combat-hardened troops back from Iraq to deal with us in case we cause “civil unrest”. Remember. Posse comitatus is history. Not to mention habeas corpus. And if our combat troops won’t turn on their own people, today’s Pinkertons, the hired contractor-killers of Blackwater (now Xe) will. They were on the job for the plutocracy in New Orleans after Katrina. That was just a dry run. They’re ready for you, too.

And if you further insist on getting a fair share of the wealth you produce with your labor, they’ll send you on a vacation – to one of Halliburton’s Holiday Hotels, constructed for FEMA under REX-84. This turned abandoned World War II German and Italian POW camps in the U.S. (Did you know we had these on American soil?), Japanese internment camps, closed army bases and mental institutions into detention camps, ostensibly for when we’re overrun by “illegal” aliens, but actually for the uppity. And they’re staffed and waiting for us where we will, perhaps help “American” transnationals achieve corporate nirvana – forced, no-wage labor. read full article


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