Did CBC Ombudsman cave to Israel lobby pressure? -A Video from The Real News

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land was broadcast on the French CBC on October 23, 2008, provoking a flood of complaints to the Canadian network. These complaints overwhelmingly took the network to task for running what they deemed to be a “pro-Palestinian” film, largely sidestepping the critically acclaimed 2004 documentary’s explicit focus on how pro-Israeli pressure groups methodically influence American media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

CBC management asked the network’s Ombudsman to launch a full-scale investigation into the substance of the complaints and the central charge that the film was unduly biased.

On December 8, 2008, the Ombudsman released her findings. She issued a report concluding that Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land should not have been shown on French CBC at all.

In response to the Ombudsman report, Sut Jhally, the executive director of the Media Education Foundation, the producer and distributor of the film, drafted and sent a detailed letter to the president of the CBC challenging the accuracy and professionalism of the Ombudsman report, and criticizing how CBC management handled the pressure they faced. watch


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