Thoughts On The War Between The USA And Pakistan

Depending on which warmongers you listen to, you may be hearing that America must wage war against Pakistan in order to prevent the Taliban from conquering (or at least destabilizing) Pakistan and seizing the country’s arsenal of nuclear weapons, and/or to ensure that terrorists can never attack the United States as they did on September 11, 2001, and/or to eliminate the “safe havens” from which “insurgents” are attacking American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, and/or because the Pakistani army hasn’t been able to defeat the scourge of terrorism all by itself.

But none of this makes any sense. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are under American control, as they have been since September of 2001. The “loose nukes” scenario, which the war against Pakistan is supposedly designed to prevent, is not only a thoroughly fictional argument, but a thoroughly cynical one as well.

If Pakistan’s nukes were not under American control, the Americans wouldn’t dream of attacking Pakistan. (If you’ve been paying attention for any of the previous six years, or six decades, you may recall that the US only attacks countries which have no chance to defend themselves, or to retaliate.)

Furthermore, an all-out attack on Pakistan by the US is more likely to cause fragmentation and destabilization in Pakistan than to bring peace and democracy. (Think of Iraq; think of Afghanistan.) So the idea that an American intervention is necessary to prevent a horrific outcome is equally false, and equally cynical. In fact, a horrific outcome — fragmentation and destabilization — is much preferred by the American warmongers, and that’s why they’re so intent on waging this war. It’s really quite simple, once you cut through all the propaganda.  read article


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