Iran’s President Ahmadinejad spoke the truth and racist Israel’s apologists turned their backs

[…] In other words, do not dare to acknowledge the fact that Israel is an implanted, racist, colonial, aggressor, rogue state that indulges in ethnic cleansing, land theft and the mass murder of innocent civilians lest we be asked to explain and justify our open-ended support for it.

But there is also another reason. That is the fact that Israel’s agents of influence have penetrated deep into the British, US and European governments, controlling key policies and putting Israel’s interests ahead of the national interests of the countries they have hijacked.

Where does all this leave British, US and other European citizens who believe in using the democratic process in order to influence their governments’ policies towards Israel and the Palestinians? The answer, it would seem, is nowhere. As long as Western polities remain firmly under the clutches of Israel’s stooges and agents of influence, these polities will remain thoroughly impervious to public opinion as far as the holy cow of Israel is concerned.

And where does this leave the Palestinian struggle for justice? Also nowhere, but only as long as Israel remains the preponderant military power in the Middle East.

This is where Iran potentially holds the key to a just and lasting peace in the Palestinian-Israeli struggle. Today, the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, spoke the truth that the British, European and American apologists for racism dare not not utter. If, tomorrow, Iran answers the prayers of the dispossessed and the downtrodden and acquires a nuclear weapons capability, then there shall be justice and peace in the Middle East, probably without a shot being fired. As everyone knows, cowards and bullies understand only one language: force and the threat of force. read article


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