March to War: Galloway’s virtual tour of Canada, courtesy of the US-Videos 1-5

Galloway’s virtual tour of Canada, courtesy of the US

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gallowayGeorge Galloway’s virtual tour of Canada has gained enourmous publicity, thanks to the Harper government and a few local Zionist organizations. His speeches, as scheduled, are taking place – transmitted to Canada from… the Unitet States of America. Have the Conservatives and the Israel Lobby lost their footing south of the border?


An interesting chain of events in the US – Israel relations is unfolding before our eyes. The news headlines, over the last few weeks, are a good indication of the direction in which this “special relationship” is heading:

  • President Obama announces his desire for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian problem;
  • Israeli politicians “leak” the information that Israel is ready to attack Iran;
  • Brzezinski rejects Israel condition on Iran;
  • The Israel Lobby interferes with the appointment of Charles Freeman as chair of the National Intelligence Committee;
  • Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi visits the United States to secure Washington’s support for war against Iran, cuts his visit short;
  • President Obama delivers his message to the Iranian people, which renders Israel’s war plans useless;
  • Shimon Peres counters Obama’s message with his own special message to the Iranians;
  • Jewish Lobby says Hillary Clinton too pro-Palestinian;
  • Victory of the Israeli far-right in the recent Israeli elections;
  • Olmert warns of Israel’s isolation on world stage;
  • Report: EU accuses Israel of ‘pursuing illegal annexation’ of East Jerusalem;
  • Israel-Europe ties showing strains;
  • Israel-Turkey ties sour;
  • Israel’s covert war on Iran faces disapproving White House;
  • Breaking with Israel, a new turn in US foreign policy?;
  • Canada’s neocon government, with the support of the Jewish Defence League, Canadian Jewish Congress and the B’nai Brith Canada, bans George Galloway from entering Canada;
  • UN human rights investigator Richard Falk declares that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza and calls for an independent inquiry into the issue;
  • Israel abandons Gaza probe;
  • Israel’s foreign minister rejects Annapolis deal;
  • Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—or I will;
  • Galloway tours the US and addresses his Canadian audiences from New York:
    Watch Videos – “Resisting Imperialism From Gaza To Kandahar”

3 responses to “March to War: Galloway’s virtual tour of Canada, courtesy of the US-Videos 1-5

  1. Strange, no comments yet. Maybe because Canadians at least, have exhausted their disdain for the pro-Zionist Harper government.

    Not too much off-topic to say that Canadians can either have CANADA, or the Harper neocons. But not both.

  2. George Galloway’s barring from entry not a couple of weeks after unindicted war criminal number one was welcomed to Calgary, makes it clear that American war criminals are welcome, while anti-war, pro-Palestinian MPs are not. Condi Rice is coming to Calgary May 13 and she likely won’t have any problems entering either. The Canadian people mostly don’t know and don’t care.

    • lots of apathy and also with the near criminalization of dissent some others just want to keep their head in the sand. Harper is truly anti-Canadian and is dismantling our country rapidly. It was disturbing to see the queen/lieutenant govenor interfer and prevent his gov’t from being booted out months ago?

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