Unveiling the Mystery of Balochistan Insurgency and Muddling Balochistan

As Pakistan and India continue to mend fences, as Iran, Pakistan and India try to pool efforts to put a shared gas pipeline, as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan join hands to lay a natural gas pipeline of great economic and strategic importance, as the United States continues to laud the role of Pakistan as a frontline nation in war against terrorism, as Chinese contractors forge ahead with construction work in Gwadar port and on trans-Balochistan highway, as the Pakistan government makes efforts to bring Balochistan under the rule of law and eliminate safe havens for Saboteurs, arms smugglers and drug barons, as the whole region tries to develop new long-term models to curb terrorism and bring prosperity to far flung areas, there is a deadly game going on in the barren and hostile hills of Balochistan. Lines are muddy; there are no clear-cut sectors to distinguish friends from foes.

 […]Americans are using Pakistan and Pakistanis would soon find it out if they have not already. Americans don’t need that kind of allies and they have made it abundantly clear for anyone who can read their policy goals correctly. Let them deal with Iran and you would see. If there can be any desirable American ally in that region, that is Iran – Iran under a different regime, and they are working to that end. Except for Balochistan, the rest of Pakistan is useless for them.

[..] Americans have two long-term policy objectives in that region: First, create a safe and reliable route to take all the energy resources of Central Asia to the continental United States, and second, to contain China.

[….] Balochistan offers the shortest distance between the Indian ocean and the Central Asia, that is to say, shortest distance outside of the Gulf. The moment the conditions are ripe, Americans would like to take all the oil and gas of Central Asia to Gwadar or Pasni and from there to the United States.

[….] By inciting trouble, they would effectively discourage Trans-Afghan Pipeline or any other project that is intended for sending Central Asian resources to South Asia. They are not interested in strengthening the South Asian economies by allowing them to obtain sensibly priced oil and gas. They would be more interested in taking all they can to their own country and let everyone else starve if that is the choice.

[…] The Americans would also like to discourage China from entering into more development projects in Balochistan than it already has. By developing the port and roads in Balochistan, China is ultimately helping itself by creating a convenient conduit for commerce that would connect China concurrently with Central Asia, South Asia, and all-weather Balochistan ports. The space is limited – where China gains, America loses, and where America gains, China loses.  READ REPORT


Muddling Balochistan

America is interested in the Balochistan’s oil and gas reserves and wants to establish its influence in the province just to take benefits when the resources would come into utilization and these resources will help America fight the economic set back, which it is experiencing presently. In addition, America has concerns about Iranian influence over the Baloch tribes. America wants to reduce this influence because in case of any action against Iran, it does not face hard resistance from Balochistan. According to some in house moles, in order to reduce the Iranian influence in Balochistan, America is funding anti-Shia groups like the Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Balochistan. This is true that by creating unrest in Balochistan, America will be able to counter Chinese presence in Gwadar as it does not want China to be anywhere near its military bases in the Gulf area but the point to ponder here is that even if somehow America succeeds in achieving the above-mentioned aims by creating unrest in Balochistan i.e. by carrying out drone attacks, the repercussions will be so severe that it won’t be possible for America to handle them. For instance, people of Balochistan are already very enthusiastic that they will not care for the bloodshed but will fight the American intrusion with fidelity and courage.  read  Muddling Balochistan


One response to “Unveiling the Mystery of Balochistan Insurgency and Muddling Balochistan

  1. Its obvious we only help”Terrorist”
    countries!Therefore we helped it form
    up:to what it is now…The bowing is seen…

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