US Predators Provoke Pakistan

there is a steadily rising mountain of civilian corpses killed by unmanned missiles that is producing a searing political backlash in the nuclear-armed nation.  

Pakistan’s political outrage about the American drones is becoming ominous .  Thousands have taken to the streets of Pakistan’s major cities to protest US missile attacks in Waziristan, the tribal regions deemed to be ungovernable that are located in the remote mountain fastness that is daunting terrain for even the world’s most potent military forces – NATO and US units under the direction of the CIA. 

ARMED DRONEWorse.  The drone attacks appear to have convinced the militants that the use of unmanned bombs proves that the US does not want to suffer any more military casualties – which is a polite way of saying that the US military is cowardly, anti-heroic and downright pusillanimous.  This mindset encourages the form of resistance that the MSM habitually reports as “terrorism” — basically turbaned mujaheddin armed with Kalashnikovs and their infamous IEDs that seem rather puny in comparison to the high-tech satellite-guided Predators. read on


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