“Humanitarian War Crimes”

More than 80 % of NATO’s bombardments were directed at civilian targets, residential areas, work places, clinics and schools. More then 50,000 rounds with depleted uranium are creating long-term contamination of the environment, with the bombing of chemical production facilities, both the population and the environment were contaminated, cluster bombs and mines are continuing to kill even today .

NATO violated its own founding charter, the Helsinki Final Act of the OSCE and the Charter of the United Nations in launching this war of aggression. The sovereignty and territorial integrity guaranteed by the UN Charter was ignored and blatantly bombed away in the case of one of the United Nations’ founding member states, one of the victorious powers in World War II.

In spite of all the pretexts used to justify the war, on the occasion of its 50 th anniversary, NATO used this war to proclaim its intention to carry out global militarily interventions. Ten years ago, war opponents warned that the aggression against Yugoslavia served as a precedent for obliterating international law. In the meantime, this warning has been confirmed through the aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan and the global “war on terror”.

The plans for a “greater Middle East,” the interference in Sudan, in Tibet and in the Caucasus, campaigns against Zimbabwe, Venezuela; Cuba, Somalia, Lebanon and particularly war threats directed at Iran, show that the imperialists seeking a “new world order” will implement their global economic and strategic interests with military means, thereby scorning the UN Charter with its renunciation of violence. The NATO aggression in 1999 consummated the preceding years of war by proxy to destroy Yugoslavia. Regime Change” was prepared to break the resistance to the dictates of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Pentagon and to place the marionettes of the western powers into office.  read on


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