Biden promises Iran talks, toughness

[…..] continue down your current course and there will be pressure and isolation; abandon the illicit nuclear program and your support for terrorism and there will be meaningful incentives.” 

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband later urged Iran to seize the opportunity of having better relations with the United States, saying conditions could not get any better. 

“It is not going to get any better than this. It’s not going to get better than an American administration saying we want normal relations with Iran,” Miliband said in Munich. 

The United States accuses Iran of pursuing a military nuclear program, saying that the country has enough enriched material for a bomb. 

The UN nuclear watchdog, however, has confirmed in its November and latest report that Iran has only managed to enrich uranium-235 to a level “less than 5 percent” — a rate consistent with the development of a nuclear power plant. 

Nuclear arms production requires an enrichment level of above 90 percent. 

Western powers have offered Iran political and economic incentives to convince the country to halt its uranium enrichment program. 

This is while the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) — to which Tehran is a signatory — grants Iran the right to enrich uranium for civilian purposes.  read article


One response to “Biden promises Iran talks, toughness

  1. It’s galling to see such hypocrisy. Israel, a rogue nuclear state, fresh from an illegal attack/massacre on Gaza using illegal weapons plus un-spent uranium against a caged civilian population is raging to attack Iran using nuclear weapons that in itself is a crime. The US supplied the weapons for the Gaza assault and will supply the weapons/armaments for any attack on Iran. The US has provided the consistent Vetoes that has allowed Israel to murder and massacre at will whether in Gaza or in Lebanon while a complicit world stands by. An after the fact critique basically by the world is in fact support.
    About time for Obama’s giddy support group to say no to the cult kool-aid, get off the fence and challenge this administration’s direction.

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