When We Talk Of Rape As A War Strategy In The Congo we should discuss Canadian Mining There

According to Alain Denault, author of ‘Noir Canada: Pillage, corruption et criminalité en Afrique’, Canadian mining firms operating in Africa are involved in levels of abuse worse than those perpetrated by the former colonial empires.

Today, Canadian firms own in excess of $300 billion worth of assets in the DRC, most of it acquired through dodgy contracts signed with mining parastatals.

Approximately 60% of mining companies operating in Africa are Canadian-owned or funded with Canadian capital. Everywhere that mining takes place in Africa there are serious problems. These challenges are not only socio-economic. They are also ecological, and the impact on human rights.Obviously, Africa does not deserve that which is good for Canada, an attitude which seems to pervade the decisions and actions of companies operating in the continent.

One wonders why the legal and moral obligations that apply to mining companies in Canada are not applicable in the tropics. article can be read here

The director and founder of the 250-bed Panzi General Referral Hospital in the eastern Congo town of Bukavu, Dr. Mukwege has devoted the last 14 years to treating women who suffer from the most brutal types of rape, sexual torture and mutilation.

“It is sexual terrorism that seeks to destroy the identity of the individuals and their communities,” he said. “Whole communities are raped. It is not merely a physical destruction but the psycho-social destruction of a whole community in which the women are humiliated.”

“They force sons to rape their mothers, fathers to rape their daughters, husbands to rape their wives in the presence of children. It’s aimed to destroy the social fabric of a family and a community.”

Since 1999, Dr. Mukwege’s hospital and its team of six surgeons have surgically reconstructed the bodies of women whose genitals and internal organs have been horribly disfigured in violent sexual attacks.

In the Congo’s brutal civil war, sexual assault victims are three times more common than gunshot casualties and five times more numerous than wounded soldiers.

Sexual violence has become a war within a war.

The Panzi Hospital treats 3,500 rape victims a year and it still can’t cope with the surge in shattered lives that follows each round of warfare in eastern Congo.  read full article


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