Try Israeli War Criminals, in Israel

Israel TV viewers have lately been exposed to a bizarre sight: army officers appearing with their faces hidden, as usual for criminals when the court prohibits their identification. Pedophiles, for example, or attackers of old women.

On the orders of the military censors, this applies to all officers, from battalion commanders down, who have been involved in the Gaza war. Since the faces of brigade commanders and above are generally known, the order does not apply to them.

Immediately after the cease-fire, the Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, promoted a special law that would give unlimited backing by the state to all officers and soldiers who took part in the Gaza war and who might be accused abroad of war crimes. This seems to confirm the Hebrew adage: “On the head of the thief, the hat is burning”. read article


4 responses to “Try Israeli War Criminals, in Israel

  1. I’m not a big fan of Israel’s foreign policy (or the unwavering US support for it), but it seems to make sense that a nation should protect its soldiers from being prosecuted by international courts for executing their military duties. If I were an Israeli, I would certainly want soldiers held accountable for their actions, but not by an international court. Just like as an American I think that any soldiers commiting acts of brutality (Abu Graib) should be held accountable by the American military and the USA. I would not trust an international court for this. The US would need to determine what the soldiers were ordered to do and the degree that they strayed from their orders. An international court may not look at it this way and instead determine what it sees as violation of a “universal” principle, not necessarily how far the soldier strayed from his duty.

    • `Both international rules and governing bodies are already set up to make sure that individual countries that ignore these rules will be brought to justice. Both Isreal and the US are guilty of war crimes/ crimes against humanity but ignore the rulings of international law and the bodies that make these rulings. Unfortunately the bodies are toothless since most of the members states are paid to remain silent. In Abu Graib a few lower level soldiers took the fall while the orders had come fom the President on down . What really gets to me is that Israel is right now snatching civilians from the West Bank and Gaza and throughout the Occupied Territories and disappearing them within their prison system. Civilians kidnapped and tortured without trial and this has been happening for 50 years?
      The US policy of illegal rendition has been underway for maybe 7 or 8 years where innocent civilians are kidnapped and tortured- held in secret prisons with no trial. How has this been allowed to continue?
      Seems to me that if both these rogue countries of Israel and the US can operate how they see fit then perhaps another group should form for the sole purpose to kidnap known Israeli and American war criminals, WISK them away to a secret prison where they can be interrogated without trial and held for years .

  2. President Bush ordered soldiers to abuse prisoners at Abu Graib? I have never heard proof of this. Please enlighten me if you have some evidence.

    The problem I have with international courts and international institutions is that they are authoritarian and undemocratic. They are also another form of Western imperialsm, telling other nations what they can and cannot do. Their approach is absolutist, meaning international bodies present their rulings and decisions as “universal.” I’m not sure anything is universal. Many things are too subjective to be universal.

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