Condy (Spawn of Satan) Rice – War Criminal – Gets a Free Pass on “The View”

Former Sec’y of State Condoleezza Rice made it to ABC’s The View this morning, so naturally, Barbara Walters showed up as well. Wow, another big name interview for the wannabe political forum, – right after some quasi-relentless sparring with Ron. Blagojevich just a few days before. It was the perfect time for Babs to bring ‘er on, and finally ask the tough questions about war and torture and eight years of Bush hell. Yeah, right. In this long awaited ‘interview,’ Condy sweetly told us that she was glad that Iraq had been liberated….and how she regretted the tragic aftermath of Katrina. That was it, no questions, no challenges, nada, nil, zip. This woman who failed so abysmally as George Bush’s National Security Adviser, and surely was the worst Secretary of State in our nation’s history, got a totally free pass from an adoring panel and a mesmerized audience. How ugly is that


2 responses to “Condy (Spawn of Satan) Rice – War Criminal – Gets a Free Pass on “The View”

  1. Yeah…the media’s been too easy on the Bush administration. Please.

  2. sure- big issues like bush’s popularity or not wanting to wear his cowboy hat any longer have been real big news, but for those who want to see the vermin taken to task and dragged into court to stand trial for murder and torture and crimes against humanity or a thousand other critical issues well forget it, it is complicity as usual. An article from today from a critical newsrag shows Iraq’s Shocking Human Toll: About 1 Million Killed, 4.5 Million Displaced, 1-2 Million Widows, 5 Million Orphans. The country was gutted and left completely in ruins and this was made possible by a complicit media aiding the Bush Administration to lie/deceive, torture and kidnap because big money wanted Iraq’s resources and geopolitical positioning. The Iraqi people and neighbouring countries haven’t forgotten what happened But you think I am being too unreasonable for expecting Condi Rice and the rest of Bush Administration to have to account for their actions? Oh right you just got back from vacationing in france and you wanna talk about shopping and your trip and you are expecting people should just move on. Right!

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