Afghanistan and Pakistan’s “Salvador Option”

Afghanistan’s “Salvador Option”

Vying with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for an “Oscar” for lack of discipline, utter disregard for the lives of civilians as well as those of their reputed allies, U.S. Special Forces and CIA paramilitary operatives are veritable assassination squads on a par with their Taliban and al-Qaeda adversaries in terms of sheer brutality and callousness.

In Laghman Province, Special Operations Forces conducted a series of raids on January 7 and 16 in Masamat, in which 32 people were killed, described by military spokespeople predictably as “Taliban insurgents.”

Without warning, commandos broke down doors and “unleashed dogs” on unsuspecting villagers asleep at the time. The January 7 raid killed 13 civilians and wounded nine others. Local residents were so enraged by the assault that they threatened to march on the American military base in the district capital, Mehtarlam. The New York Times reports,

The outrage over civilian deaths swelled again over the weekend. Hundreds of angry villagers demonstrated here in Mehtarlam, the capital of Laghman Province, on Sunday after an American raid on a village in the province on Friday night. The raid killed at least 16 villagers, including 2 women and 3 children, according to a statement from President Hamid Karzai. (Carlotta Gall, “From Hospital, Afghans Rebut U.S. Account,” The New York Times, January 26, 2009)

One of the victims of the January 7 raid was a man named Qasem Khan, a member of the U.S.-allied Afghan Border Police who was home on leave. Some allies.

His brother, Wazarat Khan, said the man was killed as soon as he looked out his front door in response to “shots fired.” He told Gall, “We did not think they were Americans; we thought they were thieves,” he said. “They killed my brother right in the doorway.”

Another victim of marauders allegedly occupying Afghanistan in order to “liberate” Afghanis from vicious Taliban killers, Darwaish Muhammad, 18, was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds after coming to the assistance of a neighbor calling for help. Gall reports,

Mr. Muhammad said he and two others rushed to help carry the woman’s son on a rope bed down a slope outside the village to get help. They were 10 minutes from the village when a helicopter fired a rocket at them, killing the wounded man and two of the bearers. read more


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