Israel Asserting Middle East Supremacy: From Gaza to Tehran

  Israel’s military victory in Gaza is a dress rehearsal for a full-scale military assault on Iran.  In the course of their Gaza extermination campaign, Israeli political and military strategists gained a great deal of vital information about:

(1) the levels of complicity and impotence of European, North American and Arab states; 

 (2) the high degree and depth of material and political support obtainable from the United States government in pulverizing adversaries;

(3) the high degree of internal support among the Jewish electorate for even the most brutal killing fields;

(4) the massive unquestioning backing of an offensive war from all the biggest and most politically influential and wealthiest Jewish-Zionist organizations in the US and Western Europe;

(5) the weakness and ineffectiveness of the United Nations and the incapacity of the entire range of humanitarian organizations to limit Israel’s extermination campaign directed at destroying the very existence of an entire people;

(6) the unconditional backing of the entire mass media and news agencies in the US and most of the mass media in Europe and the rest of the world;

(7) the willingness of the liberal critics to equally blame the victims of extermination and the exterminators for the ‘violence’, thus neutralizing any effective consequential condemnation of the Israeli state; and

(8) the adaptation of practically all the journalists, writers, academics and politicians to the entire euphemistic vocabulary of the Israeli propaganda office. 

            For example, sustained total war is called an ‘incursion’.  Ten thousand aerial assaults by hundreds of Israeli helicopters and fighter-bombers are equated with sporadic harmless homemade rocket attacks as ‘violence’.  Israeli targeting of thousands of civilian homes, hospitals and basic infrastructure are labeled ‘terrorist’ targets.  Resistance fighters are labeled ‘Hamas terrorists’.  The bombing of the Red Cross, the United Nations relief facilities, hospitals, mosques are called ‘mistakes’ or justified as ‘launching sites for Hamas terrorists. 

            Israeli political leaders have drawn the lesson from their dirty little ‘war’ that they can totally destroy a nation, decimate a society and murder and maim 7000 civilians with impunity.  Israeli leaders learned they can carry out an offensive genocidal war without suffering breaks in diplomatic relations (except Mauritania, Qatar, Bolivia and Venezuela).  The Israelis have successfully tested the loyalty and submissiveness of the major Arab regimes in the region and secured cooperation and acquiescence from Egypt, the ‘Palestinian Authority’, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  Israeli civilian-military leaders calculate that with this high degree of governmental complicity, combined with support from all the major Zionist leaders and mass media moguls, they can dismiss even large-scale street protests, repeated calls for boycotts and United Nations denunciations.  Israeli leaders know that the criticism of major religious leaders and the growing number of Jewish dissidents, critical intellectuals and activists will have no consequential impact on Western governments nor lessen the fervor and loyalty of the major Jewish organizations.  read full article

Invisible Threats and Visible Impunity


2 responses to “Israel Asserting Middle East Supremacy: From Gaza to Tehran

  1. The whole several thousand year conflict is rooted in the cancer called religion…

  2. United States interference in Middle East is the real cancer whether subverting peoples democracy choices in Iran with the overthrow of Mossadegh in the 1950’s or it’s present day covert operations underway within Iran while out of the other side of it’s face the US is talking about everything is on the table in regard to present/future talks. Financial/military backing/sales of military hardware goes to Israel, Egypt, Jordan or any corrupt regime/dictatorship willing to to do US bidding.
    The US veto HAS sabotaged any potential move out of the constant madness that defines Middle East over the last 30 years. Why are we not discussing US complicity for the crimes committed in Gaza or in Lebanon or Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan?
    And why are we not prosecuting Israel for Illegal actions in Occupied Palestine or outlawing Israel’s for illegal acquisition of nuclear weapons? Both the US and Israel are guilty of genocide / crimes against humanity.

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