Obama’s New Middle East Policy: Israel’s Right to “Defend Itself”

The US cannot be an honest broker so long as the US government continues to: 

a)      Give billions in military aid to Israel that is used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity (see human rights reports on the recent Gaza aggression including use of White Phosphorus and DIME weapons).

b)      Use its veto power and diplomatic muscle to shield Israel from International Law and Human Rights obligations

c)      Demand that Hamas accepts Israel’s right to exist, renounce violence, and abide by previous agreements (that they did not sign) while they US refuses to demand the same from Israel.   Why not insist that Israel recognize Palestine’s right to exist (or at least Palestinian right to true independence on the land that Israel has been stealing since 1947 partition resolution).  Why not ask Israel to renounce violence and why not demand it abide by the signed agreements (e.g. freezing settlement activities, opening borders, allowing freedom of movement etc.).

Both Palestinians and Israelis have work to do but one cannot equate the nuclear armed 4th strongest army in the world with a dispossessed and occupied people (2/3rds of the 10 million Palestinians in the world are refugees or displaced people).  It is ironic that Mr. Obama talks about Israel’s need for security when in three weeks 1300 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces (most of them civilians, over 400 children) while in the same period 13 Israelis (10 of whom soldiers) were killed by Hamas!  It is more ironic that Israeli Prime Minister Olmert interrupted President Bush while the latter is giving a lecture and instructed him to stop Condoleeza Rice from going along with the UN resolution (per Olmert testimony) when Bush continued to read a story to schoolchildren when told that America was under attack on 9/11! 

If we truly want to advance peace in this area to promote US national interest, President Obama and Secretary Clinton would do well to stop parroting Bush, shift US policy to neutrality instead of always taking the side of Israel, and simply instruct Mitchell to insist that all people and countries comply with International law and human rights.. READ FULL ARTICLE


3 responses to “Obama’s New Middle East Policy: Israel’s Right to “Defend Itself”

  1. Nobody would say anything to America if we started eradicating terrorists on our ground. Israel has the full right to defend their country and protect their citizens.


    • Terrorism is now a western catch-word for the powerfu/privilaged who have illegally created laws to break and control the less powerful and to punish/silence dissent. America has been rounding up it’s citizens within the US plus innocents from/within other sovereign countries and has illegally kidnapped and either tortured these innocents herself or has a funded client state eagerly willing to do it for her. It’s time you stepped up your education, come out from mommy’s wing and look at the world as it is. Furthermore you might want to cross reference your sources regarding what really happened in Gaza. The simplicity and ignorance of your comment plus your inhuman disregard for the tragic murder of innocent civilians-half women and children- by a US armed and funded client/rogue/nuclear state or more specifically one financially backed by your parents tax dollars. Doesn’t this makes you and your little church buddies complicit in genocide and war-crimes?

  2. Well, you make a little more sense with this ideal.

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