Hamas leader in Syria urges Western nations to lift sanctions on Gaza

…Israeli officials blame the civilian casualties on Hamas, saying that the fighters ‘hide among civilians’. But human rights groups have challenged the Israeli claim, arguing that Israeli forces intentionally targeted the most densely populated areas in Gaza to achieve the highest casualty rate, in an attempt to demoralize the Palestinian population in Gaza.

According to Meshal, the Israeli military was unsuccessful in its goal of defeating and demoralizing the Palestinian people, saying that support for Hamas in the Gaza Strip has increased due to the latest Israeli aggression.

He said Hamas has “emerged stronger with increased Arab, Islamic and world support”.  He urged the international community to pressure the US and Israel to lift the 18-month blockade on Gaza, which has kept the imprisoned population without economic trade,and without food, medicine, fuel and other supplies, unable to leave the Gaza Strip.

Meshal also demanded that the Fatah party, which has the support of Israel and the US, cease its security cooperation with the Israeli occupation. read article


2 responses to “Hamas leader in Syria urges Western nations to lift sanctions on Gaza

  1. It’s sad to watch this conflict but we must understand this is something that has been taking place for over 4000 years so it will not stop now. the person that will bring it to an end will be the Anti Christ and that will be for Seven years.That is what my voices tell me . Please check out one of my many post on the subject.


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