A decisive loss for Israel

Why is Israel allowed a continuous flow of the most lethal arms, including banned weapons, while national resistance movements are denied the means of defense? International laws permit occupied nations to resist their occupiers, and that is a right we aim to utilize to the full.

Israel must accept the reality that it is incapable of breaking the Palestinian resistance. Similarly, Europe must accept that bringing back Abbas on an Israeli tank is not an option. Nor are attempts to win by “diplomacy” what the might of the Israeli military failed to secure by force. To state that all aid for Gaza reconstruction must go through the illegal government of appointed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad suggests there is no end to some parties’ exploitation of Palestinians. We will never cease to pursue national unity, but we will never allow it to be attained by compromising Palestinian rights.

…To President Obama we say: the wave of hope that met your election was heavily dampened by your silence on the Gaza massacre. This was compounded by your pre-election statement siding with the Israeli settlers of Sderot. You would do well to know the history of the places of which you speak. Sderot, which may be known to some as an Israeli town, lies on the ruins of Najd, a Palestinian village ransacked in May 1948 by Zionist terrorist gangs. Villagers were forced from their beds and homes with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, rendering them refugees for the next 61 years. That is the story of Sderot. It is never a good start to get your tyrant and victims mixed up, but there is still room for a revival of passionate optimism. Only if you decide to fairly address the issue of the 6 million Palestinian refugees and the ending of occupation of Palestinian lands, including Jerusalem, will you be able to start a new relationship with the Muslim world. READ ARTICLE


2 responses to “A decisive loss for Israel

  1. You are an instigator plain and simple!Please admit it…

  2. I am horrified by what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, lebanon and occupied Palestine-most recently Gaza. Illegal wars on Civilian populations targeted for destruction/genocide with illegal ordinance, new untested weaponry/undepleted uranium.
    no access for journalists unless in-bedded within the military with silence and indifference from the rest of the world plus of course toothless world bodies like the UN who are just ignored by both the USA and Israel. Infrastructures of these illegally occupied countries carpet-bombed/decimated while housing innocent civilians in order to crush/starve/maim/poison them into submission for either their resources or geopolitical positioning.
    If addressing this inhumanity and injustice makes me an instigator then I happily admit to it.

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