The Great Pretender-Obama’s “non-negotiable” allegiance to Israel

Prof. Luciana Bohne says,”looking at the war crimes in Gaza, I take a mournful comfort in not having fallen for the glamorous scam of an African American president who takes up “the white man’s burden” where the former white  brute left off.  It was awfully lonely on election night 2008, as I felt once again the curse of the entrenched outsider in me—the one who can never belong.  Now, looking at the faces of Gaza, bloodstained, bereft, terrorized but unbent, I know I was not alone on election night.  The future was with me, and it was grim, but at least I had faced it honestly and was prepared for it. The president-elect has surrounded himself and filled his cabinet with “orientalists”—people who know that their “career is in the East,” as Disraeli put it in the late 1900s, when British imperialist culture was producing the kind of “knowledge” about the Middle East that facilitated and excused the advance of empire in those parts—the theft of lands that didn’t belong to it and the subjugation of people who had done it no harm. So Israel today colonizes historic Palestine, but the hand that arms it is that of the US. 

And President Obama has been loudly and complicitly silent throughout.” READ ARTICLE



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