PM Brown, Here is My Shopping List

Gordon Brown the British PM has managed to come up yesterday with one of his most immoral and irresponsible announcements so far. In his desperate attempt to appease notorious Israeli war criminal leadership, Brown pleaded to redeploy the British Navy in the region. “We’ll send Royal Navy to help fight (weapon) smuggling,” said the British PM.

Mr PM, can’t you see for yourself the total carnage inflicted on the innocent Palestinian civilians by the IDF? Didn’t you follow, like the rest of us, the horrendous indiscriminate killing of Palestinian civilians perpetrated by the Israel army while being almost fully supported by the Israeli Jewish population? Did you also manage to miss the repeated Israeli usage of unconventional weapons against innocent civilians? Did you fail to learn about the repeated reports of Israeli bombardments of UN refugee centres?

PM Brown, in case you do not realise, the Palestinian people urgently need weapons to defend themselves against one of the strongest armies in the world. It is the Palestinian people who need protection against one of the most immoral military powers in the history of humanity. For the last three weeks the Palestinian people needed the Royal Navy to intervene and protect them from indiscriminate shelling by the Israeli Navy. The Palestinian people needed the Royal Navy to impose a siege on Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat ports to make it impossible for America to supply Israel with weapon through the sea.  The Palestinian people needed the British aircraft carriers to be deployed in the region so they could deter the IAF from dropping one-tonne bombs on innocent civilians.

PM Brown, may I remind you that just a few weeks before the IDF launched its genocidal attempt against the Palestinian people, your foreign minister David Miliband visited Sderot to show solidarity with the Israeli people. Here is what he had to say: “It’s very important that countries like mine and others show their solidarity with the people of Sderot.” This statement made by a senior minister in your cabinet was obviously interpreted by the Israelis as a green light to reduce Gaza into pile of rubble.

PM Brown, I can imagine how busy you are, I do realise that once a day you have to bail out a UK Bank. I also know that you know that we all know that you do not really mean what you say about the redeployment of the Royal Navy. But I may try to help you here. If you really want to promote a chance for peace in the region, the only thing you can do is to make sure that Palestinian people can defend themselves. You have to offer the Palestinian people the most sophisticated defensive weapons available in the British military arsenal. read this article


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