Outrage and Impotence as Gaza Burned


“The UN is deeply implicated in the injustices and violations of rights of the Palestinians over the last six decades,” he said. “It is not at all clear that the General Assembly had the legal authority to partition Palestine, and the plan it passed in 1947 violated the rights of the indigenous people of Palestine to self-determination.

“The United Nations has owed the Palestinian people a moral debt since that time ? and one that it has never effectively paid.”

Author and political scientist, Norman G. Finkelstein, expressed his frustration at the inaction of global leaders, and the inability of the United Nations to even enforce its own resolutions.

“The world does nothing,” he said. “Most states are led by cowards and slaves of the United States. The only ones showing any courage right now are the UN agencies in Gaza. Their representatives are telling the truth. read more


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