Israeli Prime Minister says Obama will strengthen Israel-US relationship

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated, “The entire State of Israel rejoices with the United States and welcomes President Obama. The United States, including both parties, has been a true and strong friend of the State of Israel over the years, especially during former President Bush’s term of office.” He added, “I am convinced that the United States’ deep and abiding ties with Israel will strengthen further. The values of democracy, brotherhood and freedom that constitute the building blocks of American society are also shared by Israeli society, together with the faith in man’s power and ability to change and influence his surroundings.”

Olmert did not mention how the two countries’ ‘democracies’ applied to the US occupation of Iraq or the Israeli occupation of Palestine, where Israeli forces have killed over 1,400 Palestinians in just three weeks.

The Israeli President, Shimon Peres, also stated his excitement for continued Israeli impunity under the Obama presidency. “I am sure that Israel will be a good partner to President Obama”, he said. “They say Obama will be a good president to Israel, and I say Israel will be a good country for the President, because his goals are our goals, his hopes are our hopes, his source is our source.”

It was unclear in his statement what ‘source’ he was referring to. READ ARTICLE


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