Depopulation, Destruction and Displacement of the Palestinian People

 Stephen Lendman’s  article  exposes that,

After declaring a “ceasefire:”

— Israeli artillery shelled houses in al-Juron Square in Jabalya damaging two homes, killing three children, and wounding other residents;

— an IDF drone fired a missile at Palestinian civilians in al-Zarqaa’ area, south of Jabalya killing a man and his son;

— Israeli forces killed a resistance activist near al-Karama apartment buildings, southwest of Jabalya;

— another drone fired two missiles at Palestinian civilians in al-Amal quarter, east of Beit Hanoun; a woman and child were seriously wounded; she lost a leg; her child later died;

— IDF naval vessels shelled the Palestinian General Intelligence headquarters and open areas near Gaza City;

— Israeli forces fired on Wadi al-Salqa village, southeast of Deir al-Balah; no casualties were reported;

— before redeploying, the IDF demolished at least 30 houses and razed agricultural land in the al-Fukhari area;

— near the Israeli – Gaza border, Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian civilians checking their homes and land; one man was reported killed;

— an IDF explosive charge killed two children playing in the Al-Sha’af area east of Gaza City;

— Israeli forces killed a farmer while he was working on his land; 

— redeployed soldiers demolished houses, damaged others, and razed agricultural land outside al-Shouka village, east of Rafah; and

— Israeli tanks bulldozed dozens of dunnums of agricultural land in central Gaza; other tanks moved towards the Al-Maghazy area in central Gaza;

All this happened after Israel’s “ceasefire.” PCHR warned that Gazans are endangered “in light of (continued Israeli threats) to (renew or) expand military operations against the population of the Gaza Strip.”

PCHR is calling for the “international community to immediately intervene;” to establish “inquiry commissions to investigate (war) crimes….against Palestinian civilians,” including the use of illegal weapons. It also wants “all political and military officials responsible” prosecuted for their crimes.

Through January 20, the official death toll rose to 1415 with around 5500 injured, many seriously. New deaths will be reported as bodies are discovered under rubble and wounded people die.

PCHR’s Gaza Testimonies. continue on


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