Killed by Israel, Eaten by Dogs


 Omran Zayda, a young neighbor, said the Israelis knew very well what they were doing. “They chased her family and prevented them from reaching to her body, knowing that the dogs would eat it,” he said. “They are not just killing our children, they are intentionally doing so in the most heinous and inhuman ways.” Zayda said words, and even cameras, can not describe the horrific scene. “You can never imagine what the dogs have done to her innocent body,” he said, fighting back his tears. Many Palestinians insist Shahd was not the first or only such case. In Jabalya, when Abd Rabu’s family was trying to bury three of its dead, the Israeli forces started firing at them, witnesses said. They then released their dogs at the bodies, deserted by mourners who sought shelter from the Israeli gunfire, they added. “What happened was awful and unthinkable,” Saad Abd Rabu, the deceased uncle, told IOL. “Our sons died before our eyes and we were even prevented from burying them,” he cried. “The Israelis just released their dogs at their bodies, as even they have not done enough. read article


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