Mind Detox XIX: Cyrano’s Journal Online/Thomas Paine’s Corner (Proudly Piercing the Simulacrum since 1982

“I will not tire of declaring that if we really want an effective end to violence we must remove the violence that lies at the root of all violence: structural violence, social injustice, exclusion of citizens from the management of the country, repression. All this is what constitutes the primal cause, from which the rest flows naturally.

—Archbishop Oscar Romero, September 23, 1979.

To aid us in our ongoing efforts to awaken and educate, please disperse Mind Detox widely……

1. Crocodile tears by John Steppling and Guy Zimmerman

The white world is sinking beneath its own intellectual and moral vomit. When the voice of Europe is Gordon Brown and Nick Sarkozy, and the US features the arrogant and simply nasty visage of Dick Cheney and George Bush, then what can be said? But point fingers they will, at those nasty Chinese, or backward Persians or Africans. A billionaire ex-coke head alkie deserter is president. His VP is a Wyoming hick with a mean streak and a one dimensional drive for power. Behind them are the eternal ruling class elites that we can trace back to DuPont and Carnegie…and beyond. No wonder people back away mentally from trying to tweeze it all apart. It’s the age of unreality. Bad faith and unreality.


2. The Dalai Lama—what Richard Gere won’t tell you

These days, the Dalai Lama is “packaged” internationally as a non-materialist holy man. In fact, the Dalai Lama was the biggest serf owner in Tibet. Legally, he owned the whole country and everyone in it. In practice, his family directly controlled 27 manors, 36 pastures, 6,170 field serfs and 102 house slaves.

When he moved from palace to palace, the Dalai Lama rode on a throne chair pulled by dozens of slaves. His troops marched along to “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,” a tune learned from their British imperialist trainers. Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama’s bodyguards, all over six-and-a-half feet tall, with padded shoulders and long whips, beat people out of his path. This ritual is described in the Dalai Lama’s autobiography.

The first time he fled to India in 1950, the Dalai Lama’s advisors sent several hundred mule-loads of gold and silver bars ahead to secure his comfort in exile. After the second time he fled, in 1959, Peking Review reported that his family left lots of gold and silver behind, plus 20,331 pieces of jewelry and 14,676 pieces of clothing.


3. Hope, Change, and Pissing in the Wind by Patrice Greanville and Jason Miller

Some think we gain time for such organization under the Democrats. Problem is, the Democrats and their half measures that appear to thwart the capitalist juggernaut are what keeps the masses enthralled with the system and in effect dissuade them from joining the struggle against it. The public will not do what needs to be done until professional and charismatic charlatans like Obama are revealed for what they are. Band-aid solutions by the Democrats will not stop the slide toward the disaster and chaos guaranteed by the dynamics of the system.


4. the moment of truth | money, honey… by Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti

Plato is rolling in his wormy tomb and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics have long been forgotten. Only Caligula could like such entertainment. Family devastation and ruin as “entertainment”.  And foolish I, years ago did not believe a friend when he told me that soon enough Fox would be running Live Nude Executions! Well, they’re damn close. (Did I mention this was on Fox? Where else would it be. Hell, even programs like the Simpsons that are on Fox make fun of Fox because everybody knows that Fox long-ago sold its soul to the devil in favor of profit and viewership – but hey, who said you had to be moral when it comes to TV reading. The hell with the Fourth Estate and responsibilty as that: this is news as infotainment, shrink-wrapped and ready for take-out.


5. A 98 Year-Old Teaches Me About “The Great Work” by Carolyn Baker

For Marion, “the Great Work” is one’s understanding that one is the global brain and that all beings of the earth-animal, plant, mineral, and the elements of earth-are part of the earth family or community. It also means for Marion an understanding that nature never gives up and that the “blessed unrest” to which Paul Hawken repeatedly refers and which is also the title of one of his books, refuses to be crushed. The Great Work means understanding that we are not separate from, but are part of, the earth community and that nothing is more important than cherishing, protecting, and preserving it. In other words, we are the earth-not some disconnected entity– endeavoring to sustain itself.


6. Chilling by Guy Zimmerman

Dick Cheney is a fascinating study in this regard. He has this ability to sound cogent and reasonable, and the person most in the grip of the delusion that he is fundamentally sane is…Dick Cheney himself. No matter what the situation, Dick would gather all the facts…bloodlessly analyze those facts…and decide that the only rational course of action would be to deploy the most extreme and massive aggression that could possibly be wrung out of one’s resources. He would announce this conclusion with a doleful, resigned sigh…and this little act of Dick’s would be utterly convincing to the man himself, in the moment.


7. Obama’s Denial: The fear of a Black Messiah: Part Two of Barack Obama and the “End” of Racism by Juan Santos

And the Obama’s false claim is nothing like a mistake. His claim is a conscious and deliberate lie, one meant to appeal to white people and their win their votes, to comfort them with the illusion that “everything’s changed” when nothing essential has changed. Jim Crow has simply been replaced with mass criminalization and mass incarceration; a figurative social prison has been replaced with literal chains and bars in a huge step backward in the direction of slavery, not toward any kind of “dream,” “hope,” or “progress.” You don’t call moving from Jim Crow conditions to conditions in which your people have the highest absolute numbers of prisoners of any minority in the world and call it “progress.”


8. The E.L.F.s are mad! Why aren’t we? by Jason Miller

Each day our industrial civilization thoughtlessly and carelessly launches ruthless violent assaults upon our world and its non-human animal inhabitants, yet when the Lorax finally does strike a blow against a Once-ler (as was the case in the Earth Liberation Front’s recent laudable destruction of several McMansions in the Seattle area) all Hell breaks loose. “Crack” teams of law enforcement circle the wagons and frantically scramble to eradicate the “terrorists” who had the audacity to violate our sacrosanct property rights and interfere with our ongoing rape of the Earth. As a society, it is permissible for us to continue a relentless march toward rendering our planet uninhabitable, but let a handful of individuals from the Earth Liberation Front destroy some precious manifestations of our perverse obsession with material possessions and the FBI offers a reward of $100,000 to ensure their capture.


9. Necropolis Now: A Review of AS THE WORLD BURNS: 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Stay in Denial, a graphic novel by Derrick Jensen and Stephanie McMillan by Adam Engel

The problem is not that animals, trees, mountains can’t “speak,” but that we can’t or won’t hear. The problem is, we’re in a world of six billion head-trips and most of us keep tripping over the same fat heads. The problem is our much vaunted “way of life.” For who or what in the world is more dangerous (within the Greater Machine itself) than the “productive citizen?” Even the “destructive consumer” converts some of the junk to energy before it becomes waste. We “productive citizens” produce and produce and produce only waste. Too much junk to be consumed. Too much junk for the planet – even to the depths of her polluted oceans — to absorb.


10. The Raped Whores of Iraq: No Voice, No Hope by Suki Falconberg

At least the military ought not to have been ignorant of this fact—that war means forced sex and the wretchedness of raped-for-money bodies. Almost every military man at the Pentagon has seen prostituted bodies—used them, probably, since it is the rapist warrior way—is aware that sexual torture in the form of prostitution is a massive ‘by-product’ of war. Sadly, these military men consider it a trivial by-product of war. The 50,000 Iraqi women and girl refugees currently engaged in survival prostitution are apparently not even on their agenda of concerns. (This number comes from the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children.)


11. The Buddha’s last lesson was for humane work by Merritt Clifton

The point the Buddha made by his death, however accidental, is that if an animal advocate accepts eating meat in any form, that ethical compromise can ultimately poison the cause. If animals may be killed for meat, for example, it is difficult to argue that it is unethical to kill animals in experiments which might benefit millions of people and some animals too. If animals may be killed for meat, certainly it is not more harmful or disrespectful of their lives to use them for entertainment, or to wear their hides and pelts.


12. Economic Meltdown and Crony Capitalism by Rowan Wolf

Interestingly, the question of why Bear Stearns ran into trouble was a “run on the bank.” The Business Week article states:”Jittery clients sought to take their money out of Bear Stearns, but Bear said Friday it did not have enough money on hand to meet all payments. When word of that got out, more clients demanded their money.” What it does not state is that those “clients” are governments and corporations – not you and me. I might add that T Bills are considered among the “safest” of investments. T Bill holders might be a bit jittery about their “safe investment” being thrown into a mortgage meltdown reportedly linked to predatory lending practices and massive foreclosures.


13. Crisis and the Crossroads of History: The Need for a Radicalized Citizenry by Dr. Steve Best

The global Animal Liberation Movement is an abolitionist movement that demands the end to all forms of animal exploitation, not merely reducing suffering; like its 19th century predecessor, it demands the eradication of slavery, not better treatment of the slaves. Stolen from the wild, bred and raised in captivity, held in cages and chains against their will and without their consent, animals literally are slaves, and thereby integral elements of the contemporary capitalist slave economy.


14. ARABIA: DREAM OR REALITY: A European Point of View by Gaither Stewart

The “liberal conservative” Romano, who in his career once taught at Harvard and the University of California, labeled NATO an instrument of US foreign policy and military strategy, under the control of Washington, and antagonistic to Europe’s interests. From the start Afghanistan was America’s war, he charged, a war Washington now wants Europe to fight. He reasoned that if the American goal in Iraq was control of the region, then the USA should have allied with Saddam Hussein. His assessment of Hamas and Hezbollah corresponds to that of the European Left: they are political parties and welfare organizations with armed wings; negotiations with both are desirable and necessary for peace in the region.



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