Shadows Whose Fate Can Only Be Guessed At: Lost in The Rendition Machine

He was put aboard a US air force jet and flown to Ramstein, Germany. There, he was put on a Gulfstream jet hired from one of the owners of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Its logo was painted on the tail of the plane, although covered over for the CIA mission. Throughout the 13-hour journey no one said a word to him or explained what was happening. He remembered the sound of classical music in the cabin. The CIA agents had wrapped him in thick masking tape like a mummy, which made his face bleed when it was ripped off later in Cairo. He had been so tightly wrapped up that his body went into shock: “I felt the soul was coming out of my body.” The CIA team quickly responded by putting on an oxygen mask and inserted a tube in his mouth to give him water. He vomited.

When he arrived in Cairo, he was taken to a room and told he was meeting two pashas (important people); one appeared to be the Egyptian interior minister. He was asked: “Do you want to be an informer for us? If you say `yes’ then you can be back in Italy in 24 hours.” He said no and was sent back to his cell.

For the first seven months, he found out later, he was in the hands of Egis, Egypt’s foreign intelligence service. At a secret location, they tortured him – stripped him naked and beat him with bare hands, sticks and electric cables. He said they handcuffed his leg to his hands, and forced him to stand for hours on the other leg, and beat him.

On 14 September 2003 he was handed over to Egyptian state security, the secret police. He was held in their special interrogation compound in the Nasr City district of Cairo. Here things got worse. He was hit in every part of his body and humiliated. read more


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