Poem: With My Boys In Iraq

Sam Hamod is a poet who was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, has published 10 books of poem and is the winner of the Ethnic Heritage Prize for Poetry.

[…] But after they’d killed
a couple
of these camel jockeys, these
rag heads, these Mohammadan
sinners, as their major
called them,
saw the little girl
her tiny lifeless fingers
still holding that little cotton baby,
her mother, black
dress ripped, blooded
her body
covering her
son, and what must have been the father
his shattered head on the other side
of his body, his legs
gone– it was then they
knew something,
they knew
was wrong, when
they saw that wrinkled old man
kiss his cross and ask
God to help him, they
realized he was
kneeling down, crying and praying,
kept asking
for God to help him, that
they were not
just rag-heads not, but who were they

then the doubt
began, began,
started creeping in,
when they saw
read poem


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