Canada’s Pathetic Foreign Policy

Contributed by: robertjb
Deep Integration proceeds unabated in a sea of indifference.

As the war on terror was about to begin in 2001 US assistant Secretary of State Richard Armitage became infamous for advising the Pakistan government that if it did not give the US its full co-operation the country would be “bombed back to the stone age.” Wisely, the Pakistan government obliged in a grudging sort of way. They then got to be spectators as the esteemed USAF bombed Afghanistan back to the stone age from which it had barely emerged.

The problem for poor old Afghanistan is that it has been the favoured victim of too may imperial powers all too often. With reckless abandon the USAF drove thousands of impoverished Afghans from their mud huts, shepherds from their flocks, and made ruins from previous conflicts even flatter than flat. Wedding parties had uninvited guests such as Predator drones, F-15’s, F-16’s, Apache helicopters and the notorious C-130 gunships dropping out of the sky disgorging their deadly greetings and then sending condolences for their sociopathic behavior, excusing themselves that their dropping by was based on “faulty intelligence.” But excusing other peoples “faulty intelligence” does after a while become tiresome and a little hard to accept when the nuclear and extended family is killed off one wedding at a time in a country where life expectancy is only 45 years to begin with.

The people of the country of Afghanistan can claim to be the most long suffering of any in the world. It is little wonder the country has a drug problem; when you are getting bombed and strafed on a daily basis opiates becomes an essential survival technique.

But we do digress. This dispatch is to be a serious and salubrious discussion on Canadian foreign policy. read article


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