Why the West Attacks Us

The ruling elite in the West, with its Darwinian imperialist vision, is irrational. Rationalism presumes the existence of humanitarian and moral criteria that stand on their own as absolutes above the fray of human selfishness and bias. So how are we supposed to talk in the absence of a set of moral humanitarian criteria that all are willing to respect and abide by? Clearly, dialogue alone is not sufficient. Nor are media campaigns, however forceful. We must sustain the resistance, for otherwise the Darwinian mentality will perceive our willingness to engage in dialogue as a sign of weakness and our media campaigns as a sign of laziness. Darwinists respect only strength and they yield only to the type of pressures that they can feel with their five senses, since it is impossible to appeal to their minds that are unable to apply rational humanitarian thought. Dialogue will only succeed when backed by strength and the power of resistance. read full article


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