Is The Partition of Iraq The First Step In A Zionist Project For Partitioning The Entire Middle East ?

Sophia at Les Politiques writes that
Moussa Bashir at UrShalim and Nidal at Loubnan Ya Loubnan, have recently pointed to this important news item, published only as an AFP newswire which went unnoticed; the US senate voted to partition Iraq. In the first lines of his post, Nidal highlights the contradiction in this short title. It is not the Iraqi people who voted to partition their country but a foreign power, the US senate.

What follows is an extract translated from Nidal’s article.

The proposal voted in the US senate is what is called the Biden Bill, by the name of senator Joe Biden. Nidal features the whole text of the bill:

(a) Findings.–Congress makes the following findings:
(1) Iraq continues to experience a self-sustaining cycle of sectarian violence.
(2) The ongoing sectarian violence presents a threat to regional and world peace, and the longterm security interests of the United States are best served by an Iraq that is stable, not a haven for terrorists, and not a threat to its neighbors.
(3) A central focus of al Qaeda in Iraq has been to turn sectarian divisions in Iraq into sectarian violence through a concentrated series of attacks, the most significant being the destruction of the Golden Dome of the Shia al-Askariyah Mosque in Samarra in February 2006.
(4) Iraqis must reach a comprehensive and sustainable political settlement in order to achieve stability, and the failure of the Iraqis to reach such a settlement is a primary cause of violence in Iraq.
(5) Article One of the Constitution of Iraq declares Iraq to be a “single, independent federal state”.
(6) Section Five of the Constitution of Iraq declares that the “federal system in the Republic of Iraq is made up of a decentralized capital, regions, and governorates, and local administrations” and enumerates the expansive powers of regions and the limited powers of the central government and establishes the mechanisms for the creation of new federal regions.
(7) The federal system created by the Constitution of Iraq would give Iraqis local control over their police and certain laws, including those related to employment, education, religion, and marriage.
(8) The Constitution of Iraq recognizes the administrative role of the Kurdistan Regional Government in 3 northern Iraqi provinces, known also as the Kurdistan Region.
(9) The Kurdistan region, recognized by the Constitution of Iraq, is largely stable and peaceful.
(10) The Iraqi Parliament approved a federalism law on October 11th, 2006, which establishes procedures for the creation of new federal regions and will go into effect 18 months after approval.
(11) Iraqis recognize Baghdad as the capital of Iraq, and the Constitution of Iraq stipulates that Baghdad may not merge with any federal region.
(12) Despite their differences, Iraq’s sectarian and ethnic groups support the unity and read more of this translated post by Sophia read post


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