Full text of Ahmadinejad appearance at Columbia University

MR. COATSWORTH:a number of questions have asked about your nuclear program. Why is your government seeking to acquire enriched uranium suitable for nuclear weapons? Will you stop doing so?

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: Our nuclear program, first and foremost, operates within the framework of law, and second, under the inspections of the IAEA, and thirdly, they are completely peaceful. The technology we have is for enrichment below the level of 5 percent level, and any level below 5 percent is solely for providing fuel to power plants. Repeated reports by the IAEA explicitly say that there is no indication that Iran has deviated from the peaceful path of its nuclear program. We’re all well aware that Iran’s nuclear issue is a political issue; it’s not a legal issue.

The International Atomic Energy Organization — Agency has verified that our activities are for peaceful purposes. But there are two or three powers that think that they have the right to monopolize all science and knowledge. And they expect the Iranian people, the Iranian nation, to turn to others to get fuel, to get science, to get knowledge that’s indigenous to itself — to humble itself. And then they would of course refrain from giving it to us too.

So we’re quite clear on what we need. If you have created the fifth generation of atomic bombs and are testing them already, what position are you in to question the peaceful purposes of other people who want nuclear power? (Applause.) We do not believe in nuclear weapons, period. It goes against the whole grain of humanity.

So let me just tell a joke here. I think the politicians who are after atomic bombs or are testing them, making them — politically they are backward, retarded. (Applause.) read more


2 responses to “Full text of Ahmadinejad appearance at Columbia University

  1. its quite a reflection on the tremendous hypocrisy of the league of “retarded” nations ( more popularly known as the UN) that no one questions or stands up against the brazen bully (read USA).. they actually believe that they have the God given right to sermonise to the rest of the developing world about how to lead their lives while the US themselves spend billions of dollars modifying & improving already massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
    I wonder why the world has still not woken up after Afghanistan & Iraq

  2. ..and the hypocrisy to be allowed to lie and doublespeak without challenge/confrontation after being proven to have constructed an illegal invasion/occupation with massive loss of innocent life/murder/genocide. To illegally threaten to attack with nuclear weapons another country which has the right of peaceful nuclear technology?
    Of course, the UN is in the palm of the US

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