U.S. Is Paying Off Iraq’s Worst War Criminals in Attempt to Ward Off Attacks – The insurgents who were shooting at U.S. troops six months ago are now on the payroll [includes video].

There have been a lot of reports about the fact that the people who the U.S. is working with, the supposed “freedom fighters,” the “counter-insurgents” are former insurgents. They were Iraqi al Qaeda before they started working with the Americans. That is troubling because if they were fighting the Americans once, they’ll fight Americans again. And more troubling for the future of Iraq is the fact that many of the tribes that the U.S. is working with are war criminals who are directly responsible for ethnic cleansing and who are using American support to prepare for sectarian civil war. The U.S. is funding Sunni militias. They already funded the Shia militias. They’re now funding all sides of this sectarian war.
U.S. Is Paying Off Iraq’s Worst War Criminals in Attempt to Ward Off Attacks

KH: How did you discover that the Sunni militias with whom the U.S. is working are engaged in this sectarian violence?

RR: We embedded with the Americans for a week, and we found that in the town Fallahat, where there used to a lot of Shia, there are now no Shia. So we tracked down the displaced Shia families and found them living on the outskirts of Baghdad in a refugee camp that no Western media and certainly no camera crews have ever filmed. There are no services, no doctors, no hospitals, no schools, no running water, no work, no sanitation. People have to walk, in some cases, for miles to just get polluted tap water out of hoses. People who have tried to return home to pick up their rations have been killed on the highway. So no one can leave.

The refugees we talked to knew the names of the people who had kicked them out and bombed their houses. And they are exactly the same tribes the Americans are working with. So the people the Americans are working with are responsible for sectarian ethnic cleansing. Malaki’s head of negotiations with Sunni groups told us the groups the Americans are working with include some of the country’s worst war criminals, responsible for beheadings and mass executions.

KH: Even if these militias are responsible for this violence, how do we know that the U.S. military knows this? Is it possible they don’t?

RR: We have proof that the Americans should know it. The American soldiers set their core operating base in a house they knew used to be inhabited by Shia. And all the Shia were gone. So it’s just whether they decided to ask the obvious question or not.

KH: How does what Petraeus and Bush are saying contrast with what you saw and filmed on the ground?

RR: The story that Petraeus and Bush are saying is fantastic — a Lawrence of Arabia figure named Abu Risha rose out of the desert and behind him the noble tribes of Anbar rose up and they kicked out al Qaeda. Well, it’s safer for American soldiers there, but it’s not safer for the Shia citizens there. The U.S. is funding sectarian militias fighting in a civil war in order to momentarily decrease attacks on Americans.

KH: And how, exactly, is the U.S. supporting the militias?

RR: The soldiers on the ground aren’t hiding anything. They were amazingly open and honest about the whole process with us. Through a combination of threats and enticements like money and releasing their kids from prison, the U.S. military has gotten groups to join a coalition. They’re paid money for small construction projects, and they’re eventually incorporated into the Iraqi police force, where they’re armed and paid, given a gun, a badge and the power to arrest.

There have been reports that some American army units are directly giving them weapons. I didn’t see anyone give an M16 to anyone. But I did see a U.S. captain hand wads of cash to militiamen who were guarding checkpoints. Petraeus says they’re not supplying guns. That might be true. But saying the U.S. military is just applauding from the sidelines and not providing material support to these militias is a lie.

KH: Why would the U.S. want to support these militias?

RR: It’s an easy way to produce immediate statistical successes on the ground, a decrease in attacks on American soldiers. And this is a long-term strategy. Petraeus came in with Negroponte with the so-called “Salvador Option” for Iraq, arming death squads to kill insurgents as the Reagan administration did in the 1980s in El Salvador. In 2004 he incorporated all of the Shia militias into the Iraqi security forces and basically created Shia death squads and secret torture prisons we’ve all heard stories of. Now they’re funding Sunni militias and Sunni death squads read article


5 responses to “U.S. Is Paying Off Iraq’s Worst War Criminals in Attempt to Ward Off Attacks – The insurgents who were shooting at U.S. troops six months ago are now on the payroll [includes video].

  1. I really mean: Oh…My…God.
    Great site! Scary info, but I appreciate your work.

  2. The real story is pretty scary but then again we will close our eyes to anything to protect our privilaged western way of life.

  3. “…perhaps we should send criminals to fight rahter than our men…”
    before I have to fight during recess, allow me to correct…men And WOMEN who need to be home!

  4. Not only have we trolled our prisons and streets and traded convicted felons uniforms in exchange for sentences -murder, torture, kidnapping, and rape by our soldiers go unpunished.
    The war is illegal/imoral and based on lies and cooked evidence run by officers and gov’t- corporate leaders /war criminals guilty of crimes of genocide
    …”perhaps we should send criminals to fight rahter than our men…” ??? What-Innocent Iraqi lives are worthless? You don’t care that a culture and a country has been destroyed for having resources that we decided to take, just because we thought we could, with no care for human life?

  5. Clarification—I absolutely do not think any living being is worthless!! As far as that goes, everything in creation has a purpose, most of it has been/is abused! Uh, oil, for instance? Nor do I think all Iraqis are “innocent”, any more than any other culture. I said it was a facetious statement (about sending criminals, whose loyalty would be questionable, at best). The only reason I reiterated was to give due respect/blame to both genders. There is fault on all sides but what you have brought forth in your original post is atrocious behavior, putting it mildly, and inexcusable regarding “best approaches”! The fighting in that region has gone on since biblical times…the only reason I know of for it to have escalated for us to be as entrenched as we have become is 9/11, valid on it’s own but perhaps taken to extremes. (Yes, I meant to say perhaps, but not in context with the idea of using war criminals). Someone is thinking, “All’s fair in love and war” but I am thinking we haven’t seen the worst yet. (e.g., my comment about being shot for praising God being a potentially fatal proclamation, beings I am a Christian, equal to a heathen/devil in some opinions). Of course I care, but I think we do not know much of what goes on and I would not want to be entrusted to figure it out! I will not bash anyone for enjoying life because that was the intention, although I concur it is unbecoming to never take a stand for the underdog (no, I am not calling anyone a “dog”, either). The western world does, indeed, have a war of its own going on, depravity eating away at the core with some folks rising to the challenge of trying to put out the fire while, for example, the import of drugs goes on. Fault on all sides, again, but destroying us from the inside out, as was a promise made by Osama bin Laden, if I correctly remember which one made that statement. . .
    Regarding “trolling prisons and streets for felons-turned soldiers” can you direct me where to read about (Western) felons being inducted as soldiers in lieu of prison? And the punishment for inhumane treatments? Not condonable, but if the war were here (which, imho, should be everyone’s real concern) do you think they would follow anyone’s rules? I am quite sure there is MUCH we don’t know about. How many beheadings do you think have not made the news?
    You’re actually helping me, so thank you!

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