What’s a Moratorium?

The main strategic task facing the antiwar movement is to build and grow consciousness of the imperial ambitions of the US in the Middle East. The US embassy in Baghdad is the size of the Vatican City, yet it is under daily mortar and rocket attacks, from both Sunni and Shiite resistance groups. The surge is a failure and an obfuscation of the real issues, such as imperialism, colonialism, and the bloody horrors of US occupation. The movement must seize the opportunity presented by Petraeus’s “report” this past week; the Iraq Moratorium might be just the right vehicle.

History has shown that the only way to sway the “powers that be” lies in the ever increasing mobilization and organization of diverse, broad public groupings against the manipulations and calculations of what Chomsky has called the “pragmatic planners of American Empire.” Raising the social cost of the war at home is our long- term goal, undermining the “pillars” that support the continuation of the war and occupation. Check out Tom Hayden’s new book, “Ending the War in Iraq.” Among the pillars Tom describes are: media, military recruitment, congressional support, etc.

The Moratorium is only what local groups and individuals make of it. It is not the whole solution, but it is a strategy for dissent to focus on, an opportunity to unite divergent groups and bridge the chasm between the passive antiwar majority and the militant minority of active antiwar activists and organizers.

It looks like the Democrats are not going to end the war soon. The only hope is an enraged public organized into a mass movement. Think strategy!!!! Think organizing!! read article


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