Iraq: Biopsy of a Malignant Amerika

The scales of the United Snakes have left a trail of deception across this planet since it first slithered out of the British Empire and became a force of its own. It’s no coincidence that mass-murdering Amerika is the weapons producer, dealer and user supreme of the meanest instruments of slaughter and destruction on this planet. The standard US game plan of first destroying uncounted innocent civilians and the infrastructure of a country so that it can then be rebuilt (for a quick profit) in the image of godlike Amerika may fool Joe Schmuck at home who has never been anywhere more exotic than Disneyland, but for the rest of us you’ll have to come up with a better formula to cover the theft of other nations’ resources. Your satanic mills and the enormous wealth you crow about are founded on the greatest burden of guilt and despair ever to be carried by a pirate nation, read more


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