Slam Dunk: The Bush Administration Is Trying to Provoke Iran

by Robert Naiman
The Bush Administration is once again escalating its confrontation with Iran. Clearly they have multiple motivations for doing so. They’re trying to “change the channel” from the failure of the “surge,” ahead of the September Congressional debate on Iraq. They would dearly love to split off from the Democratic opposition on Iraq Members of Congress who share the AIPAC goal of confronting Iran. And they want to undermine negotiations taking place between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency over Iran’s nuclear program.

But details have emerged from the recent escalation that strongly indicate what many have long suspected: the Bush Administration’s fundamental conflict with Iran is not about its nuclear program or alleged weapons smuggling – so far unproven – into Iraq.

It’s simply a great-power struggle for influence. And while there’s nothing too shocking about that, people in the United States should ask themselves – and be asked by others – what sacrifices we are really willing to bear so that the Bush Administration can try to keep Iran from having the influence in Iraq that they would normally have – and almost certainly will have – if there is a democratic government in Iraq, given that 60% of the Iraqi population is Shiite and has strong cultural and religious ties to their co-religionists in Iran. How many U.S. soldiers’ lives is that goal worth? How many billions of U.S. tax dollars? read more


2 responses to “Slam Dunk: The Bush Administration Is Trying to Provoke Iran

  1. I frankly cannot wrap my head around what motivates them. They have no support in the US, none outside of the US. Some 007 sense is telling me, that as usual, this tension building has a smell of making-deals-with-mullahs to it.

    They always bark louder, on both sides, when they are trying to conceal their mutual concessions!

    fishing from muddy waters, we say in Persian!

  2. Elected officials are little more than the receptionists or the face behind the counter representing corporate financial interests operating without any moral accountability whatsoever. Media is owned/is the voice of these corporations sanitizing murder and genocide and demonizing any who challenge or say no to American corporate interests. We are seeing murder and genocide go unpunished and a ridiculous disconnect of Americans voters expecting that a democratic victory will restore the government to the people. In actuality maybe 50 illegal overthrows/invasions/regime changes/massacres pre-date Iraq and the coming preparedness to confront/destroy Iran. The west was and still is a land of plenty for the rich -maintained by the blood of iraqis or, for that matter, faceless numbers of poor anywhere where there is a dollar to be made. Yet most in the west seem unwilling to give up the second car or the cottage in the country or the big screen tv. Scaling down, or is it up to a purchase a hybrid seems rather a pathetic way to go about doing your bit. No personal sacrifices are made yet more forests get cleared for export and profit and food crops/ cereal grasses are foolisly turned into a fuel component that relies still on oil/petrol from iraq. In the end Innocent peoples are getting butchered so hybrid owners can believe the fraud that their country is looking towards alternate energy sources and therefore,the invasion of Iraq is not about stealing their oil. Confronting western imperialism is going to take more than buying a new hybrid i’m afraid. Outwardly it may seem like no support but then again participating in a poll or signing a petition is pretty far from the front lines.

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