Tell the media networks not to follow FOX down the road to war against Iran


Global Research, August 24, 2007

CASMII – 2007-08-23


Several ex-CIA officers including Robert Baer and Ray McGovern with inside information on the plans of the White House strategists have recently raised the alarm that the Bush administration is intent on waging a military attack against Iran in a few months. Only mass action can stop a catastrophic new war in the Middle East which would dwarf the permanent carnage the US and the UK and their allies have created in Iraq.

As in the run-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the drumbeats of the march to war against Iran are pounded into the US public by the neo-conservative cheerleaders of the FOX news network.

The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran calls on all its supporters and the international community to sign the on-line petition to urge major media networks not to follow FOX down the road to war against Iran.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video and sign the petition, and ask all your friends and contacts to do the same. In the US we also urge you to contact all your local advertisers on FOX and ask them to support this campaign.


13 responses to “Tell the media networks not to follow FOX down the road to war against Iran

  1. CASMII are terrorist apologists.

  2. so does this mean that you are in favor of american/israeli military attack on Iran?

  3. No, but that’s exactly what they would love you to believe – that whoever opposes the criminal, theocratic, fundamentalist, mass murdering, regime of Islamic Republic, is somehow in favour of military attack.

    I support international effort to highlight the problems in Iran, especially the complete lack of human rights, and the dictatorship that has put on a semi-democratic face in order to look legitimate but does whatever it wants.

    If this regime terrorises its own people with no shame, I don’t believe many Iranians trust them with anything, and I don’t see why anyone else should.

    CASMII however have no care about human rights of the Iranian people – they can all be mass executed over night and CASMII wouldn’t even release a single statement – and if they do, they would say it was a reaction from the evil American imperialists who put the regime in such position so they had no choice but to kill everyone in order to keep their independance!

    So in short, CASMII and also NIAC, only serve the interests of the fundamentalist Islamic Republic regime – not the Iranian people.

  4. would change coming from inside Iran by the Iranian people be more preferable than military strikes with nucleur weapons by the US/Israel/British who care nothing for the Iranian people and are interested only in global domination and plunder? The international community at this time is shackeled and hobbeled with serving american interests .

  5. Hi fma, thanks for inviting me to this discussion.

    Iranians, as you may know well by now, can be divided into 4 categories:

    1) progressive
    2) Retard
    3) Radical islamist
    4) Radical anti-IRI

    The progressive ones acknowledge all the shit that is happening in Iran, but they also put it in a perspective. The have a sense of priority. One obstacle at a time. There are two flavours to these progressive ones. One Islamic progressive, the other nationalist progressive. These two groups have one aim in common: transforming the Iranian culture, politics and economy to a centralist form which makes democracy not only attainable but also sustainable. Many contributors of NIAC and CASMII belong to this group. These scholars also have much in common with the reformists in the Iranian Regime, who are willing to sincerely apologize for the wrong doings of the IRI. At present, these people have one concern: to make SURE Iran is not getting attacked. They are rightfully concerned. they very well recognize that behind the “ideologic” facad of US animosity with IRI rests economic interests. the aim in Iran is NOT to overthrow the regime, but to paralyze Iran’s infrastructure. In a way, they KNOW they cannot take on Iran now, so they are writing an Iraq scenario for it, to be actualized within the next 20 years.

    Iranian Retards are those who wish Reza Shah the second will go back and clain the throne. They are also those who think MKO’s president “elect!!!” Maryam Rajavi can go back to Iran and claim presidency!! No need to discuss these lunatics!

    Iranian islamists share much with American fundamantalists! They too seek an armageddon!
    An American attack will bring closer the “return” of the Muslim Messiah!!

    Iranian anti-IRIists share features with all three above!
    They are similar to progressives because they care for Iran.
    They are like the retards because they are hung up over Iran’s “poor human rights” records and lack a sense of priority in establishing a political infrastructure in the country.
    They are like the islamic fundamentalists because you cannot argue with them. They have a blind sense of revenge against the IRI, and they are willing to throw the baby out with the bath water! They are completely INFLEXIBLE in the ability to ACKNOWLEDGE or LOOK at the progress that is made during that past 30 years; with a smack of Iran has poor human rights, they call anyone who opposes their Messiah’s attack on Iran, a terrorist!

    On that note, I do not foresee a possibility for American attack on Iran; unless they are completely out of their mind and in search of total chaos! Which is very possible. It is for Americans to be vigilant. I trust there are enough good American citizens and patriots to not let their country overtaken by the neo-con agenda!

    But history will tell!

  6. Thank-you Screenblog for this insightful and very helpful information

  7. Insightful and very helpful information?!!

    Anyone who would open their eyes would realise that no Iranian is Pro-war. Which sane person would want a war on their country?! I haven’t seen one example of any Iranian opposition call for a war on Iran.

    So that one simple line shows what completle nonsense Islamic Republic apologists such as the one posted above talk about.

    NIAC and CASMII “who are willing to sincerely apologize for the wrong doings of the IRI. ”

    What nonsense!

    1- Who are they to apologize for the wrong doings of IRI?! By saying that one is to first assume that they are officially claiming to be the spokepersons for the Islamic Republic! this is not what they claim.

    2- Where?! Nevermind apologzing (sic), give me just one example of NIAC and CASMII giving a description of human rights in Iran, that’s close to reality. I am asking for ONE.

    Anyone who thinks dialogue between Islamic Republic and America is progressive towards a more democratic and better human rights condition for Iranian people is wrong, wrong, wrong. The one thing that scares Islamic Republic is international condemnation, while it mass executes any Iranian opposition inside the country. So if there is international agreement to leave Iran alone, what is it going to do?! Suddenly after 30 years of non-stop dictatorship become peaceful and democratic?! No, it certainly didn’t do any of that while the reformist president Khatami was in power. Everyone realises that no progress was made during his time, none towards democracy – and definately none about human rights – Iran still executes more people than any other country and the only that executes children.

    Yes, NIAC and CASMII call this progress. Yet they get away with not explaining themselves because useful idiots just like you my dear, call it “insightful and very helpful information” – Yes, you are right, now you can sleep easier knowing that.

    While Islamic Republic is terrorising the Iranian nation, the useful idiots will keep talking nonsense and beliving each other too! Down with Imperialism! Long Live Islamic Fundamentalist supporters!

  8. I won’t bother writing about the accusations regarding the MKO and monarchist supporters, if you don’t like it, tough. People have different political views, some prefer Islamist marxism, some prefer monarchism, and some are republican.

    The whole idea of someone calling people retards because they support monarchy shows how pro-democracy that Islamic apologist screenblog is?! Get a life, don’t preach about democracy if you are going to call people names because they have different political views than you.

    I think I will leave it at that.

  9. maybe you are unaware that monarchy and democracy are not really the same thing. Support for the american sponsered terrorist group the MKO or is it MEK with its prison camps and its documented harsh human rights record makes your terrorist sympathizer accusations somewhat invalid. Your statement,
    “People have different political views, some prefer Islamist marxism, some prefer monarchism, and some are republican.” is simplistic and lacks the necessary accountability that comes with responsible choice based on accurate research. Equating international community intervention with American Imperialistic bombardment is just downright ignorance.

  10. I see the cityboy has been busy in promoting his version of democracy: monarchism!! 🙂

    And there are of course disinformation in his statements about “mass killing” of opposition. The last time it happened was exactly twenty years ago.

    You see, people like cityboy, on whom the American hawks count for their attack of Iran, are unwilling to be patient and deep in their analysis. The human right activists who operate OUTSIDE of Iran, have very little credibility as far as I can tell! One of them is a guy called Ramin Ahmadi! This man has received some good chunk of dollars from the white house to DOCUMENT Iran’s human rights records! I know him closely! He hasn’t even lifted a FINGER in Iran; he has no track of political activism inside IRan; he was sent to America during the Iran/Iraq war, thanks to his rich lawyer daddy’s money; has gone to Yale, and now is beating the drums of poor human rights in Iran! this man is so RIGID in his mentality that he even denounces his own family’s choice to live in Iran! (and as far as I know, all of them are happily living in Iran) Give me a break!

    There are of course others. All those Iranian “refugees” who come to the west with the stories of THREATS against their LIVES! No one is paying attention that the TRUE human right activists of Iran are INSIDE IRAN!

    You may be interested to re-visit this post:

    On that note, Louise Arbor is going to travel to Iran to observe the human rights in person.

    And unrelated note, I think we need to keep an eye on how the media is distorting the IAEA’s report of Iran.

    I just made a post about it:

  11. I visited your previous post, thanks for posting it. Kudos to the progressive Iranian women unwilling to have their struggle subverted and hijacked by those with a more devious mandate.
    Seems to be no shortage of lapdogs willing to do the bidding of an American corporate government .
    With an IAEA confirming that Iran’s nuclear program is capable only of peaceful purposes, as has been constantly stated by its officials, the American administration is now on about Iran ‘s intent to murder American mercenaries and american troops working as corporate hired guns with intent to undermine America’s genocidal and illegal occupation in Iraq as if America owned the world and has the right to butcher and murder without interference. Of course once again there is no proof of Iran’s interference but just a willing subservient media all too ready to distort partial truths and pass off hearsay from so called nameless experts as legitimite proof.

  12. Yup!
    I made a post about this one as well!

    Frankly, I don’t think anyone believes them!

    What resources do they HAVE to attack Iran though? They have neither moral, nor material steam!

  13. between israel, the US, Britan, and of course Canada hiding in the backgound so that the world will pretend that she is really a peacekeeper I am sure that there will be enough odds and ends to throw together a missle here or a bunker buster there.
    Unfortunately there is no recent history of morality where corporate financial interests control all branches of government and have a military enforcing their agenda. Any country interfering or refusing to play along will pay the consequences .

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