Muqtada al-Sadr: The British are Retreating From Basra

We are at war and America is our enemy so we are entitled to take help from anyone,” he said. “But we have not asked for Iran’s help.” The cleric also said he “welcomed” a recent decision by the UN to expand its role in Iraq. “I would support the UN here in Iraq if it comes and replaces the American and British occupiers,” he said.

“If the UN comes here to truly help the Iraqi people, they will receive our help in their work. I would ask my followers to support the UN as long as it is here to help us rebuild our country. They must not just be another face of the American occupation.”

The Sadr movement pulled its 32 elected MPs out of Iraq’s parliament earlier this year, ending its nominal support for Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

Other factions have since followed suit, bringing the government to the brink of collapse. Despite recent efforts by the Prime Minister to shore up his power base, his days as Iraq’s elected leader were numbered, Mr Sadr said.

“Al-Maliki’s government will not survive because he has proven that he will not work with important elements of the Iraqi people,” the cleric said.

“The Prime Minister is a tool for the Americans and people see that clearly. It will probably be the Americans who decide to change him when they realise he has failed. We don’t have a democracy here, we have a foreign occupation.” read article


One response to “Muqtada al-Sadr: The British are Retreating From Basra

  1. anyone remember the song, ” fired one time and the british started running
    wasn’t as many as there was awhile ago
    fired once more and they kept a running down the …” where the british were also occupying and murdering innocent civilians for land and resources until they were driven out for good

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