Israel’s illegal settlement project compromises a viable Palestinian state

Despite the seemingly amicable talks going on between Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian President Abbas, Israel is not countenancing in the slightest ending the occupation or dismantling and removing the settlements and the matrix of control. Over the past decade, some 102 “illegal outposts” have been authorized by Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz. A cabinet-approved report by Israeli lawyer Talia Sasson in March 2005, strongly recommending the dismantling of the illegal outposts, changed nothing. Even the “settlement freeze” requirement in the Quartet’s roadmap was blatantly ignored, and with every move, the international community accordingly adapted itself to accommodate Israel. Consequently, Israel has not been reined in by the US and other Western governments for contravening international law and UN resolutions, and it therefore, has little reason to change its policies and practices. And now that the PA is in shambles – with Abbas in no position to negotiate anything of worth – Israel will simply be looking to consolidate its rule as it has always done. read more


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