Afghanistan-another Iraq: Towards a solution

A critical first step towards solving the Afghanistan conflict is an immediate ceasefire.

Secondly, it becomes a protectorate of the United Nations.

Thirdly, not only should Canadian forces withdraw there must be a complete withdrawal of all Western forces; especially the US as it was the original aggressor.

Fourthly, the insertion of a non-Western UN peacekeeping force (UN peace keeping still has its place, especially when those who conduct war do it so incompetently) drawn from countries more neutral and more trusted than Western countries.

The provisional government must negotiate with the Taliban to address essential issues. Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan, must be prepared to step down as he is seen by many as an American stooge.

There must be the recognition that Afghanistan is not being liberated. It is simply being plundered but one more time. If we really want to be a friend to the Afghan nation we will insist on an immediate disengagement and an international arbitration under the auspices of the UN.

It must be recognized the US is primarily interested in Afghanistan as a strategic outpost (as with Iraq). Spreading democracy globally is merely a ploy for its neo-imperialist ambitions.

The United Nations must seize the initiative from the US and quit bending to the American will and the subversions of John Bolton, US Ambassador to the UN, whose ambition is to destroy the world body.

The world’s other major nations; especially members of the UN Security Council, are going to have to act in solidarity and insist the UN has the primary role in this and subsequent conflict resolutions.

It is clear raucous and debilitating militarism is not the solution in Afghanistan and the onus is on leaders internationally to come up with an effective solution- a solution that might necessarily shatter the present status quo. read full article


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