Overcoming Zionism

At the turn of the l9th century, a Zionist conference in Vienna delegated several rabbi’s to travel to Palestine on a fact finding mission. The rabbi’s arrived and cabled back, “the bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man”. The Zionist Jews had “a fantasized relationship to a mythic territory… .and that has been the fatal flaw in Zionism, both before and after the conquest, and why we call it, ungenerously but truthfully, a bad idea.” Kovel writes incisively of what ensued and deserves to be quoted at length. “A tremendous struggle would be necessary, therefore, if the Zionists were to dislodge these inhabitants, and only a tremendously concentrated desire could suffice to energize that struggle.” There were great difficulties. “…the resistance of those who stood in the way would have to be displaced; the exigencies of geo-politics; and one’s own inner being, which would have to be retooled from the self-image of an ethical victim to that of a ruthless conqueror. All of these obstacles could be dealt with by signing on to Western imperialism and capitalism.” Jewish suffering and persecution became justification for aggression in asserting the “outlandish claim of a territory controlled 2500 years ago by one’s putative ancestors.” The Israelis took 78% of the territory in l948 and another 14% in l967. The logic of Zionism – to create an ethnically pure Jewish state – led to organized terrorism; “the essentials had been put in place by the mid-1930s” and the opportunity came in l948.

The leaders of Zionism, Chaim Arlosoroff, Vladamir Jabotinsky, even and especially David Ben Gurion quietly articulated the need to drive the Arabs out. South African Prime Minister Henrik Verwoerd said in l96l something the liberals wouldn’t: that the Zionists “took Israel from the Arabs after the Arabs had lived there for a thousand years. In that, I agree with them, Israel, like South Africa, is an apartheid state.”

When the smoke lifted in l948, 531 Arab villages had been destroyed, some 750,000 Palestinians driven out. Three Israeli Prime Ministers have been world class terrorists, bent on ridding Palestine of its natives.. In l948 Menachem Begin organized the dynamiting of the British headquarters in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 88 persons, including 15 Jews. That year also saw the terrorizing of the Villiage of Dier Yassin. With Begin in command, Yitzhak Shamir, who was also to become a PM, and whose frankly fascist organization The Stern Gang, actually made overtures to the Nazi’s to create a Jewish state along totalitarian lines, took part in the operation.

This most odious act of ethnic cleansing took place in the peaceable Arab village on April 9, l948. Under Begin’s command, “acting in collaboration with the Zionist leadership,” …”an elite force descended on the village and systematically set about to slaughter its people, disemboweling a pregnant woman, raping others, taking prisoners and then shooting them, and not stopping until noon the next day when 93 villagers lay dead read more


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