Torture Is A War Crime

Most significantly the people who are being tortured in such prison camps as Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib were mostly sold to the US Army by bounty hunters and the Northern Aliance. Criminal charges against the prisoners are as rare as the truth in the Bush Regime. Most reasonable people would agree that information gleaned from such awfully brutal means (water-boarding, stress positions, extreme noise and temperatures, sodomy and other sexual humiliation, electrodes on genitalia, etc) is never reliable. I can’t even fathom the sick, sadistic minds of the Bush Regime who not only have authorized and institutionalized this behavior but also refuse to end it and close the camps that have undermined any moral authority the US may have had.

Torture not only dehumanizes the tortured, but the torturer. It hurts my heart deeply to think of our young soldiers carrying out such ruthless acts on other humans who for the most part were in the wrong place at the wrong time and do not know where Osama bin Laden is hiding. Torture only compromises our soldiers’ lives in the field as the US cannot credibly claim any kind of moral high ground if one of our soldiers is tragically captured. The abomination of Abu Ghraib is one of the reasons that the insurgency began on the day Casey was killed in Sadr City, Baghdad. I personally know three men who were illegally and wrongly imprisoned in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib who can testify to the fact that, yes, America does torture and does so with extreme, callous and cold-hearted cruelty. read more


2 responses to “Torture Is A War Crime

  1. You offer up a typically bleeding-heart point of view on the subject. I don’t necessarily condone torture, but I also realize that there really isn’t any way to get important information from people. If torturing somebody who knows about an event that could kill mass numbers of people, how do you justify letting things go simply because you feel bad about torture? Is it worth the loss of lives if you have the possibility to prevent it?

    As usual, you offer up a good deal of criticism without any real answer. If not torture, then what? If you can come up with an alternative method of obtaining information from somebody who doesn’t want to reveal it, then please let the rest of us know.

  2. How many lives or mass numbers of people will be saved by american military personnel gang raping /sodomizing innocent male detainees either bought or rounded up in sweeps.
    Most realize plus it has been stated that no real credible evidence comes from torture so
    it is a little more than feeling bad about torture. It is about respect and being part of the human famiy and getting off your belly and saying no to power. It is about having your own thoughts and feelings and putting yourself in the places of others. You visualize your brother or son or daughter or wife rounded up by an enemy/illegal invader with no rights who has killed half of your population for your resources and used its soldiers as corporate hired guns. They proceed to humiliate and torture partly for sport and partly because they are angry that the population dares to oppose them. Your family members are gangraped, gang-sodomized, have objects shoved up their anus, beaten kicked etc. Get the picture? By imagining those close to us in places that others are in we learn values that should apply to all.
    I can’t imagine what you mean when you say, “If you can come up with an alternative method of obtaining information from somebody who doesn’t want to reveal it, then please let the REST OF US know.” I believe you are speaking for a small deprived group of individuals.

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