Bush Copies Hitler’s Torture Techniques


By Guest Blogger
Posted on June 1, 2007, Printed on June 3, 2007

This post, written by Mary Shaw, originally appeared on The Smirking Chimp

It’s bad enough that the U.S. has been torturing terror suspects. It’s wrong on so many levels: It’s illegal; it doesn’t work; it puts our own soldiers at greater risk of the same treatment if they are captured; and it’s morally reprehensible. (My favorite bumper sticker: “Who would Jesus torture?”)

But now the White House is taking it a step further.

According to an article in the New York Times, the Bushies are putting the finishing touches on some secret new rules governing interrogations. And critics are calling these new rules “immoral” and drawing comparisons to Nazi war crimes.

Some people are too quick to draw comparisons to Hitler and Nazi Germany whenever they want to dramatically condemn immoral acts. But, in this case, pundits are pointing out alarming similarities in the use of torture between the Bush regime and Hitler’s.

So this is what America has become.

For a good (albeit disturbing) overview of the issue from the Christian Science Monitor, click here.

Take action:

For a variety of actions you can take online to help stop torture around the world, click here.

Mary Shaw is a Philadelphia-based writer and activist. She currently serves as Philadelphia Area Coordinator for Amnesty International, and her views on politics, human rights, and social justice issues have appeared in numerous online forums and in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

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