US-UK Preparations for the Apocalypse? Build-up of Propaganda and Military Encirclement Prior to a First Strike on Iran?


Global Research, May 27, 2007

In an inexorable build-up of propaganda and military encirclement prior to a first strike attack on Iran, the Bush junta, along with its London quislings, have switched their anti-Iranian propaganda from nuclear issues to accuse the Iranian government of “meddling” in Iraq and supplying Iraqi guerillas weapons with which to fight the US and British occupying troops.

The evidence for such allegations was always sketchy and reminiscent of the concocted lies about Yellowcake Uranium and WMDs, used by Bush and Blair to drag their people into a genocidal war crime against a much weaker country.

Now, an independent research organization, the British American Security Information Council, has produced its own report on the alleged involvement of Iran in Iraq.

“Whatever the true extent and nature of Iranian military action in Iraq,” the report concludes, “few independent analysts believe Tehran is playing a decisive role in the sectarian warfare and insurgency.”

Instead, the report suggests that:

“other, more strategic motives also lie behind the considerable US political energy being expended on highlighting the Iranian role in Iraq. Iran may present a useful scapegoat to divert the blame for failures in Iraq away from the occupying powers.”

“Recent allegations must also be considered in the context of the current crisis surrounding Iran’s nuclear programme. If Tehran can be cast as a source ofregional instability in the eyes of the international community, then the US administration’s hand will be strengthened as it seeks support for stronger measures to oppose Iranian nuclear ambitions.”

“In particular, should the administration decide to embark on a military strike – an option which it says is still ‘on the table’ – then garnering public and political support in advance would be vital. Without it, the global unpopularity for military action would likely greatly exceed the opposition to the invasion of Iraq.” (Download Pdf Report here)

Meanwhile, in an extremely disturbing statement, John Reid, the UK’s Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior) has threatened to implement emergency powers in order to derogate Britain’s obligation to uphold the European Convention on Human Rights.

If emergency powers were to be implemented as an excuse to extend the fake “war on terror” then Britain will, to all intents and purposes, become a naked dictatorship. And even if bully-boy Reid’s stepping-down from office in late June were to put such a threat on the back-burner it is more than likely that his successor would continue with such a policy.

Derogation of the European Convention on the basis that there is an emergency threat would need the approval of both Houses of Parliament. But that would be a mere issue of technicalities to a dangerously Manichaean, Blair-Brown regime which, as before, would simply organize yet another Black Op crime against its people in order to plunge the country into a full blown totalitarian state prior to further domestic or international crises such as an apocalyptic nuclear attack on Iran.

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2 responses to “US-UK Preparations for the Apocalypse? Build-up of Propaganda and Military Encirclement Prior to a First Strike on Iran?

  1. While I’m all for putting down the bullies in the White House, it doesn’t serve the greater good of journalism to deny what is true either. I just returned from Iran myself, where I was travelling with a group of the nation’s top photojournalists. It seems to be rather common knowledge that Iran sponsors terrorists who are carrying out their business in Iraq. I was even told where their training camps are in Iran, and many people casually made jokes about this, just as Americans make fun of all the corruption in the WH. The issue here, which I am hoping works to the benefit of all parties involved, is that the US cried wolf too many times already, and it’s going to be very difficult to convince a skeptical public of these facts. I’m not for a US invasion. I think it would be disasterous for all those involved, but unfortunately, the White House can do as it pleases, and on this particular issue doesn’t need anyone’s support to go in.


  2. thanks for the comment.
    I think that perhaps in the framing of the word terrorist you have failed to pinpoint the US as the biggest terrorist threat worldwide. Are we not in agreement that the US has invaded a sovereign nation based on lies and fraudulent evidence and that reliable documentation proves that the war is motivated by control of resources? Documentation also proves the targetting of civilians by the military and use of illegal ordinance plus proof of massacres, murder, rape and torture.
    The US has also abducted Iranian consular officals in iraq at the request of the Iraqi Gov’t and there are reports of american funded terrorists operating in Iran.
    To claim that Iran is sponsering terrorists without any mention of the illegal war on its border paints a false picture.

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