Are the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the Beginning of the End of the American Empire?

James Petras

Special to Candian Dimension May 24, 2007

Washington outlined in explicit language its plans to engage in sequential wars in the Middle East, Southwest and Northeast Asia and the Caribbean. Under the offensive military doctrine of ‘Pre-emptive Wars’ and the ‘Global War against Terrorism’, the United States’ pursuit of military conquest was backed by Israel, Great Britain and several newly incorporated client states from Eastern Europe. The White House’s grandiose scheme of world conquest was orchestrated and pre-maturely celebrated by top Zioncon (Zionist Conservative) officials embedded in the Pentagon, White House and the National Security Council.

The imperial wars of conquest however were stopped literally dead in their tracks at their starting point: Iraq and Afghanistan. Subsequent to the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, a formidable mass armed resistance emerged from the underground, aided by widespread civilian support. Large majorities of public opinion, major religious communities , trade union militants , small business associations and neighborhood-based community organizations actively and passively opposed the US-led occupation forces at every turn, providing logistical support and intelligence to the armed and non-violent resistance. Similar developments took place at a later stage in Afghanistan. Despite draconian military measures, including the bombing of population centers, systematic mass round-ups of civilians followed by brutal torture, the US military failed to consolidate its rule via puppet regimes. As the resistance grew, Washington’s efforts to foment ethnic-religious sectarian warfare and territorial fragmentation failed. By late 2006 it was clear that the imperial army’s only territorial conquest was the bunkers in the so-called ‘Green Zone’. In 2007 Washington escalated its troop commitments in a desperate effort to fend off impending defeat and to recover massive loss of domestic support.

From a world historical perspective, the Iraqi and Afghan resistance has successfully stymied Washington’s pursuit of world domination through a series of offensive wars. The success of the national liberation movements led to the over-extension of the US imperial armed forces ­ weakening efforts to launch programed ground wars against Iran, Syria and elsewhere. The prolonged resistance led to wholesale domestic opposition in the face of never-ending US casualties and skyrocketing financial costs.

The demoralization of the US infantry and National Guard prevented Washington from following up its failed coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with a direct military invasion.

The prolonged and deteriorating war in Afghanistan, with the advances of the re-grouped guerrilla fighters especially among the civilian population, has led the US-controlled colonial coalition to engage in indiscriminate bombing of civilians adding to the growth of the anti-colonial resistance.

The success of the resistance movements in Iraq and Afghanistan and the appeal of their examples has encouraged new formidable anti-colonial struggles, led by Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia as well as having stiffened the resolve of Iranian leaders to resist US demands to unilaterally suspend their nuclear programs. Further abroad, the weakening of US global military interventionist capacity has taken the heat off of progressive governments in Venezuela and revolutionary Cuba. The consolidation of the Venezuelan nationalist-populist government has had a powerful demonstration impact throughout Latin America, encouraging new anti-imperialist movements and dissident governments in Ecuador and beyond. In an all out battle of ideas, programs, foreign aid and solidarity, Bush is losing out to President Chavez: Unable to launch a full-scale military invasion, to eliminate the Chavez government, Washington has failed to match Venezuela’s vast petrol subsidies and promising alternative integration proposals: ALBA has prevailed over ALCA.

The failure of Washington’s will to a world empire has led to the shrinking of power relative to its global situation prior to 2001. And in large part that is due to the fighting capacity and organized resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan: Both have demonstrated that despite the great store of modern technological warfare and monopolies of media propaganda, wars are decided on the ground, by the popular majorities directly affected. It is they who set in motion the conversion of enthusiastic domestic majorities for the US war to demoralized minorities; it is they who have given backbone and resiliency to the Middle Eastern governments who vacillate between collaboration with and rejection of the colonial powers.

James Petras, a former Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, owns a 50 year membership in the class struggle, is an adviser to the landless and jobless in brazil and argentina and is co-author of Globalization Unmasked (Zed). His new book with Henry Veltmeyer, Social Movements and the State: Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, will be published in October 2005. He can be reached at: Petras is a member of the Canadian Dimension collective.

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2 responses to “Are the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the Beginning of the End of the American Empire?

  1. Recommend sticking to sociology and leave history to the historians.

    Empire and Imperialism have specific meanings, which is is clear that you do not grasp.

    Allow me to remind (or inform?) you that the US was once a colonial possession and that we are a revolutionary government that threw off our imperial masters.

    And you should look up the word “demoralized.” I’m a National Guardsman in an Infantry unit and no one around me resembles your description.

  2. Frankly you are not in a place to be doing any recommending. What i grasp is that you have willingly surrendered personal responsibility for free thought and expression and are part of a collective group that is programmed not to think nor question authority but to blindly follow orders, (no matter how immoral) basically you are a hired corporate gun who has murdered, tortured and raped. Your brothers in arms recently targeted an innocent Iraqi girl. You watched and waited and when the opportunity arose you slaughtered her family and gang- raped her. Your fellow soldiers got only a slap on the wrist. I am a father of a young girl and i was ouraged and I fucking cried for that now destryed famililess child. History?
    History ? Your little ramble about a past revolutionary history is ignorant. Look at US foreign policy over the last 50 years where gov’t released files document assassination and overthrow of freely elected gov’ts which were not favourable to american economic interests. Look at the Gulf of Tonkin incident which was another fraudulent cooked-up situation which brought the US into openly bombard Southeast Asia. Our own North American history has been altered and glorified from what was. US history is based on cruelty, murder and genocide and is always the poor subsurvient to the wealthy with the military usually forced from the ranks of the poor and disenfranchised or maybe you would be talking about your illegal invasion of a sovereign nation based on lies and proven bullshit using torture, murder and rape and starvation to subdue the populace. There is documentation regarding use of illegal ordinance to target civilians not to mention dirty bombs and unspent uranium and on and on.
    Demoralized? We all see through the booze soaked macho myths and the false bravado and wife- beating and the stress and guilt of murdering civilians for their resources and are puzzeled why someone would trade their humanity rather than learn to cook their own food and make their own bed (military as the big mommy in your world of perpetual adolesence) not to mention learning to own your own thoughts and feelings. Personally I would rather speak truth to power and injustice than to be a corporate lackey/hired gun or in other words a murdering whore without a conscience.
    Being a national guardsman in an infantry unit far away occupying & killing civilians for control of their resources is something i’d be ashamed to admit to.
    Frederick the Great once said, if his soldiers were to begin to think, not one would remain in the ranks
    I don’t support armed agression for resources under the transparent deceptive and imoral blanket called” the war on terror” into sovereign countriesl ike Iraq. Iran nor american backed agression into Lebanon, Palestine nor Africa. In other words I don’t support the troops.My heart goes to the grandparents and parents and children and nieces and nephews and cousins and neighbours and girlfriends and boyfriends and all the innocents slaughtered, raped and tortured by American soldiers

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