US Wargames off Iran’s Coast, Amphibious Landing Exercise in Kuwait


Global Research, May 25, 2007

Fars News Agency – 2007-05-24

Wednesday’s US training exercises in the Persian Gulf came days before US-Iran talks in Baghdad.

Ships packed with 17,000 sailors and Marines moved into the Persian Gulf on Wednesday as the US Navy staged another show of force off Iran’s coast just days before US-Iran talks in Baghdad and amid new revelations over Iran’s nuclear program.

The carrier strike groups, led by the Bremerton-based USS John C. Stennis and USS Nimitz joined by the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard and its own strike group, were to conduct air training while the ships ran submarine, mine and other exercises.

The war games – which culminate in an amphibious landing exercise in Kuwait, just a few miles from Iran – appear to be a clear provocation for Iran, coming just ahead of the Baghdad talks.

US and Iranian ambassadors are to meet Monday in Baghdad to discuss Iraq’s security issues. Iran has objected and dismissed US claims that Iran is supplying Iraqi Shiite militias with roadside bombs that kill American troops.

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