Bill Maher stands up for Ron Paul [VIDEO]

By Adam Howard
Posted on May 19, 2007, Printed on May 21, 2007

Much has been made of Texas congressman and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul’s performance in the last GOP debate in South Carolina. Simply saying that Iraqis and terrorists hate America because of our decades of bombings and intervention in their countries was enough to not only get him verbally attacked by Rudy Giuliani and other Republicans but also possibly excluded from future debates. Although Paul reportedly won an online poll after the debate, most of the mainstream press has been patting Giuliani on the back for yet again playing the 9/11 hero and calling on Paul to retract his statement. Giuliani may have won over the partisan crowd in South Carolina and the viewers watching Fox News. But many others, like Bill Maher have stood up in Ron Paul’s defense. The lone libertarian, anti-war candidate in the crowded GOP field, he at least deserves to be heard. It’s unnerving how hawkish all these clowns are when you see their insanely misguided remarks back to back. You’re looking at nine Bush clones intent on continuing failed policies of torture and preemptive war plus another who actually knows what he’s talking about. watch video

Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.
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