Important Tasks” Worth Achieving:Liberal Imperial Denial and the Civilian-Military Disconnect


Most of the morally cognizant human race and certainly all serious Left thinkers reject Herbert’s 2005 contention that it would be “insane” to ever wish military defeat on Uncle Sam. The U.S. is widely and all-too understandably seen around the world as a rogue imperial superpower (for reasons that are readily discernible in a large number of monographs, articles, and documentaries that are routinely dismissed by news and book review editors at Herbert’s conservative newspaper), a gross violator of human rights, an agent of global inequality, and the greatest threat to peace on earth.

Hoping that resistance forces in U.S.-targeted states might educate the U.S. on the limits of empire is hardly a sign of madness or even of anti-Americanism. The carnage inflicted by the insufficiently checked U.S. empire includes the dead of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (criminally butchered by “Give’Em Hell Harry” Truman in atomic assaults that occurred after Japan had been defeated and were meant mainly to preemptively discipline Soviet foreign policy in the emerging post-WWII world order), 2-3 million dead Indochinese, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed by Desert Storm (conducted in accord with Powell’s doctrine of “overwhelming force”) and perhaps close to 2 million Iraqis (with “economic sanctions” fatalities included) from Bush I to Bush II (Blum 2000; Blum 2004; Barnett 1972; Chomsky 1992; Chomsky 2006).

At the same time, the massive taxpayer fortune that is spent from year to year on real and potential U.S. war-making comes at a spectacular domestic social “opportunity cost” in the industrialized world’s most unequal and wealth-top-heavy society, where tens of millions of children live in poverty while “defense” executives and other captains of industry and finance enjoy lives of richly parasitic hyper-opulence. Imperial conflict and the militarism it feeds and reflects also tend to deeply encourage the erosion of liberty and democracy and the advance of fear and repression at home (Street 2004a). read more


4 responses to “Important Tasks” Worth Achieving:Liberal Imperial Denial and the Civilian-Military Disconnect

  1. thesouthtoday

    You are just repeating information that we have all figured out. If the United States should not be waging a holocaust against the people of Islam then what should we be doing. Where do you think this nation should be going. What should we do.

  2. So what if I am “just” repeating information?
    first of all repeating is a positive thing and actually since the collective “we” are not all on board things have to be repeated over and over until everyone everywhere finally gets it.
    What should we do?
    People hate us for what we have done and are doing right now, period.
    Squash our corporate – military sector which is part of the reason for the U.S. murderous legacy throughout the world.
    Stop our genocidal wars around the globe.
    Drop weapons and recall our troops immediately.
    Close our bases and torture chambers worldwide and pay reparations to all peoples (which seems to be most of them) wrongfully imprissoned and tortured and charge the higher ups in the government and the military who sanctioned this
    Stop the transparent deception of pretending to care while slaughtering INNOCENT civilians or, for that matter, anyone home or abroad who says no and challenges American Imperialism.
    Take the necessary steps of begining reparations towards the peoples of Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Palastine, destruction of Latin America and Southeast Asia.
    Stop american backed wars for resources in Africa and support/backing for the genocidal regime in Columbia
    It is time to leave Cuba and Venezuela and Haiti alone. Alow them to evolve without covert interference
    Start to feed and house and provide medical care for disenfranchised American citizens at home.
    Impeach Bush and try the administration / corporate -military war architects for war crimes and genocide.
    Replace the checks and balances that have been eroded and reform the justice system. …
    I see “what to do” as a no-brainer.

  3. thesouthtoday

    Once again you have stated the obvious. Since both the problems and the solutions are obvious I ask you once again, what should we do.

  4. Please say what’s on your mind and kindly back off with the grade- school teacher thing.

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