Monday, May 07, 2007

Still the Bumbling Fools

By Anwaar Hussain


Truth Spring

Thanks to the murderous fools in the current US administration, civil life in Iraq, now at the “point of no return”, is teetering at the edge of total anarchy.

As an accompanying fallout, along with an estimated million dead Iraqis, a morally, financially and diplomatically bankrupt America, the inept charlatans have also successfully managed to thoroughly radicalize the whole region. From Sudan to Pakistan and beyond, the ranks of America haters now stand swollen like never before. The recruiters for suicide brigades now drool non-stop with glee at the long cues of raging applicants outside their murky caves.

Let us revisit some of the opening acts of the bumbling fools in this morbid theater of the absurd.

Whether the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions were on false grounds or for some higher moral compulsions, the blundering fools should have known the character of state identities in these countries. They should have investigated whether society’s members there consider themselves first and foremost to be members of the nation championed by the state or the rival cultural elites there do not accept the national identity and would rather respond to tribal, ethnic, and religious calls. They did not.

They should have found out the personnel allegiances of the full-time cadres, part-time cadres, active and potential supporters of the likely resistance fighters, their warlords, and other armed groups opposed to such invasions. They did not.

They should have stopped threatening Iran and Syria long time back. They should have rather been providing firm support to these states to bolster regional stability. They should have been rewarding these countries for their non-intervention rather than tongue lashing them, humiliating them openly on false pretexts and laying down red lines for them on a daily basis. They did not.

And the one thing they should not have done was trying to pick winners so early in this macabre game and aiding one Iraqi faction against another. They should not have provided active support for Iraq’s partition, as a result of which they now find themselves doing feverish rounds of the ‘axis of evil’ trying desperately to stop the member states of the ‘axis’ from supporting their Iraqi proxies. They did.

What takes the cake is that unruffled by the ghoulish results of the idiocy of his actions, in the meanwhile, the ‘decider-in-chief’ of the bumbling fools has decided to ‘surge’ ahead and fatten the target for the resistance fighters. The accompanying ‘surge’ in American casualties, since that decision, vouches for the increased size of the unfortunate target. Who was it that said, “While intelligent people can often simplify the complex, a fool is more likely to complicate the simple.”

Shamelessly though, the perpetrators of this grizzly drama are busy making dizzying rounds deep within the heart of the ‘axis of evil’, hat in hand, begging any one there who would care to listen, to save them from their own bumbling selves.

One does understand that fools are more audible, being naturally endowed with voices so much louder than sensible people. Yet one is confounded all the same that there are still Americans out there, however miniscule in numbers, who support this dastardly act and cheer on the participating actors. Perhaps it goes only to prove that every fool finds a greater one to admire him.

When such an American does finally wake up one day and ask to be forgiven for the atrocities committed in his name, it would possibly be for him that Abraham Lincoln would have said, “He reminds me of the man who murdered both his parents, and then pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.”

Although the lot ruling the roost in the great US of A is still the bumbling fools, one does hope that when they do finally come around, the Nancy Pelosi’s of America would have the guts to display the following Spanish proverb in bold yellow letters on a bill board with a black background;

“What a fool does in the end, the wise do in the beginning.”


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