By Gene DeVaux


What if George W. Bush actually has a plan? Many of us have a very hard time understanding why he stubbornly holds on to his belief that we can win the “war” in Iraq, especially considering that the so-called war on terrorism has morphed into a civil war between Islamic factions. Many of us do not understand, as we watch the national debt rise to dizzying heights, why he insists on “staying the course” with his faulty tax cuts that only benefited those with the highest incomes in the United States. Let’s face it, to Americans who are aware of the many problems created by the Bush administration, George W. Bush is an enigma, a puzzle that is hard to solve.

Stepping back from his stubborn stance in his so-called war on terror, we have to look at a short history of the United States to get an inkling of what may be going on in the mind of our Commander-in-Thief.

Imagine how he must have felt when he saw his father, George H.W. Bush; lose his re-election bid just a short time after successfully ousting the “hated dictator”, Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. Not only was daddy defeated, he was defeated by a bubba from Arkansas. That must have been very hard for the imbecile son to accept.

Medical doctors have a motto, “First do no harm,” Dubya must have formed his own creed, “Undo all of what daddy was perceived to have done wrong and everything ‘liberal.’” Not stopping there, his goals would also include rolling back all the good that Democrats, especially Bubba, had ever accomplished for the American people. “Can’t have those Socialistic programs, hee, hee,” Dubya might cackle.

The answer to the Bush enigma may be that he will do the opposite of everything that cost his father his re-election and will try to undo the good works that were done during the Clinton administrations.

“Read my lips, no new taxes,” was a phrase that daddy Bush had uttered during his election campaign in 1988. When deficits soared, he went back on that pledge, raised some taxes, and lost votes among his conservative supporters. Junior must have decided that he would never make that mistake, but then he proceeded to make his own mistakes, and to steadfastly “stay the course.” So, with that resolve, he erased the tax increases that had led to the first federal surpluses in decades, and he passed even more tax cuts for his rich allies. As the debt has grown, he has stuck by his decision for fear that reversing tax cuts might make him look bad. Can you imagine that he could look any worse? Further, can you imagine George W. Bush looking bad in the eyes of his conservative allies?

Iraq was conceived by many conservatives to have been another mistake that his daddy had made. “He should have gone in there and taken Saddam Hussein out of power,” they might say. “It was a mistake to leave him in charge in Iraq,” the same ones would say. Well, it turns out that daddy had it right and the overthrow of the “evil dictator” was a huge mistake that has unleashed sectarian violence in a country where all religions had been welcome. It was a criminal and intentional blunder that has destabilized the entire region around Iraq.

Now Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites are at each others throats, other religions are not tolerated. Christians are targeted as unwanted outsiders. Now our troops are in the midst of sectarian warfare in a country half a world away. Our soldiers are sacrificing life and limb in a war that cannot be won while taking the lives of those who have rebelled against our occupation and who are fighting amongst themselves. Each faction is determined to win control of Iraq for their side in this religious conflict, and the American occupiers are easy targets in that land so far away from their friends and families.

At home, Dubya has attacked “liberal” programs like Social Security, Medicaid, and other programs that relieve the suffering of low income Americans. On taking office, he reversed Clinton’s Presidential order intended to protect American workers from suffering carpal tunnel syndrome, a disease caused by working at repetitive tasks. Clinton had ordered that mercury pollution be brought down in our lakes and streams; Bush reversed that order. Mercury causes birth defects in children born of mothers who have eaten contaminated fish. Dubya wasn’t through; he rolled back environmental protections that protect the world.

This column is too short to list all of the many things that Bush has done to harm ordinary Americans and to destroy our credibility in the eyes of the world. Every day for the last 6 years, the Bush administration has made news with their stupid and, often, criminal decisions. The best analogy to use to describe George W. Bush may be to call him the Anti-Christ of politicians. He opposes everything that is good for this country and for the world (does Kyoto ring a bell) and demonstrates no concern for the plight of the common man. If I believed in such a thing, I might call him the devil in human form. What is hard for me to believe is that George W. Bush has any concept at all of the teachings of Jesus Christ. He professes to be Christian, but proceeds to act like an insane heathen.

Gene DeVaux is a political writer who left the mainstream media because he opposed the Iraqi Occupation. He is retired from General Motors, has a degree in economics, and is a long-time political activist.


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